Oh come ON now, Hupp!

Many of y’all know that I ran for the State Senate in 2006 against John Huppenthal. I’ve tended to take it easy on him on this here blog. In fact I rarely mention him at all. But he’s forced my hand today. There’s only so much a Diva can take before she breaks down. From […]

Phoenix City Council (District 6) Debate

The Phoenix City Council District 6 candidates debate at the Biltmore tonight (6:30pm). I’ll send periodic updates through Twitter, so follow DemocraticDiva to get updates as I tweet them. I’m not as pithy or sarcastic as Donna, but I’ll do my best to entertain. Disclaimer: I support Dana Kennedy but will be as unbiased as […]

Real immigration reform means ending our love affair with cheap lettuce

Something sticks in my craw when I hear a lot of pro-immigration rhetoric. Admittedly, immigration is a topic that I’m not as succinct about as I’d like to be in discussing but one that’s on my mind a lot. I feel like I must always start by making it clear that I fully understand that […]

My LTTE was in the paper today.

Needless to say, there was much yowling of the wingnuts in the comments section. One needs only to peruse the first three comments to get a sense of the Republican/Libertarian horsehockey that permeates the brains of many of our fellow citizens. Quoth a rocket surgeon who calls himself YeeHaw: I see an awful lot of […]

A lovely and tasteful gift for the idiots in your life.

Joel Fox responds

Captain Fox took the time to comment to my post from the other day. Dear Diva, The only parts of this story that don’t make sense, are the parts that everybody seems to want to add in to it. Like suggesting that my donation paid for any ads, let alone the one you are referring […]

The C in SCA should stand for cowards

After 9 months of hemming and hawing, Capt. Joel Fox finally released the names of contributors to the illegal slush fund used to fund disgustingly creepy ads against Dan Saban. I have to give Joel a tiny bit of credit though. He may have lied like a rug and probably broke a buttload of laws. […]

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