Chris Deschene For Governor! (someday)

I heard that Rep. Deschene (D – Window Rock) was offered $5 million for a Native American commission or something-or-other by Governor Brewer’s people in order to get his vote for her budget plan. He declined and then was offered $10 million. From what I’m told he said that they’d get his vote under the […]

Racist tool Bob Robb puts his foot in his “mau-mau”.

He starts off innocuously enough, playing the false equivalence game: The budget choices wouldn’t be any easier or more pleasant if Democrats were in charge, and their solutions would be just as unpopular. Sometimes, however, it’s enough just to be the other guy when voters are in a mood to change directions. And while the […]

What can I add to what Keith Olbermann, Comedy Central, Daily Kos, and Discovery Magazine have already said about it?

By “it” I mean Sen. Sylvia Allen’s jaw-dropping declaration that the Earth is 6000 years old at a Senate hearing where the mining of uranium was debated. Those folks I mentioned have the humor aspect pretty well covered but I do have a couple of observations about it. Quoth Sylvia: I can’t say enough how […]

Who knew there were so many shy wealthy people in Ahwatukee?

I caught this piece in the Ahwatukee Buzz today. It’s from last week. I had to laugh at the blatant way that Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce President Terri Kimble shilled for Sal DiCiccio. Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio and Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce president and chief executive officer Terri Kimble now say they had […]

Some Arizonans are more equal than others

One of the e-newsletters I get weekly that I really enjoy is Too Much, a publication dedicated to exposing the excesses of the super-wealthy and the ever widening chasm between the classes in our country. It’s great and y’all should sign up for it. When you click on the link, scroll down to the ‘In […]

What the debate over the flat tax misses is how Arizona taxpayers were duped in 1992

Tomorrow’s special session will give proponents of a flat state income tax the opportunity to raise the issue again after it failed to make it onto last Tuesday’s budget. Goldwater Institute’s Byron Schlomach and former Napolitano Chief Deputy George Cunningham debated the issue in today’s Republic. Cunningham argues (correctly) that a flat tax would be […]

I have a bad cold and way too much time on my hands today.

I was starting to feel hinky last night as I left the Capitol. My throat was beginning to hurt and I had a headache. I thought maybe it was just a combination of tiredness and anger over the budget but I woke up this morning with my throat on fire and a temperature. Hope none […]

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