I credit Ronald Reagan for my interest in the cognitive development of primates.

From Phoenix City Council candidate Sal DiCiccio’s expensive website comes this curious statement: DiCiccio attended high school at Tempe High, where now- Congressman Harry Mitchell taught government. DiCiccio credits Mitchell for his interest in politics and government. Too bad he didn’t pay attention to what Mitchell was actually saying about politics and government in those […]

Goodbye, Teddy.

It’s not like it was unexpected, but my heart sank as soon I clicked on my Yahoo homepage and saw the news late last night. Senator Kennedy was gone. For me, watching the country get drunk on Reaganism during the ’80s and stay drunk on it long after, the presence of the Liberal Lion was […]

Um, Laurie, that’s not really how you want to sell Arizona

I wasn’t sure which one of the columnists at the Republic would be the first to jump all over Arthur Frommer’s statement but I knew one would and I guess it had to be resident scold Laurie Roberts. Then again, I haven’t read much of the Republic in last few days so maybe Montini did […]

It’s not the guns that will drive tourists away from Arizona. It’s the nuts.

Ever since that dolt walked around with a semi-automatic rifle strapped to him at the Obama event on Monday questions have arisen about how stuff like this might impact tourism. It’s no surprise that people from outside the state find it appalling that idiots brandish their assault weapons at political events here. (And yes, gun […]

This is exactly what I was worried would happen with health care reform

Hasn’t happened yet but I’ve got a bad feeling it will. Marc Ambinder’s report today is not alleviating my worry: The president continues to operate under the belief that liberals will warm to the bill when presented with a goodybag that includes includes an individual mandate, community rating, guaranteed issue, and a minimum required package. […]

No longer content merely to annoy people at breakfast clubs, local libertarians take their clown routine to the national stage.

Ugh. I recognized those two chuckleheads immediately. Ernie Hancock is a fixture in the Phoenix Libertarian community. I wrote about him last year, when I had the misfortune of being on the panel with him at a breakfast meeting. Ernie and Chris, the guy who accessorized his Brooks Brothers ensemble with a semi-automatic weapon at […]

Tom Chabin was 100% right.

The truth hurts but it’s still the truth. “They’ve not paid attention to who they’ve voted for,” Chabin told a gaggle of reporters just prior to the House convening on the floor. “This is the chaos that you buy. “Voters in Arizona are shortsighted, disinterested and disengaged.” I’ve been asked many times what I think […]

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