Embrace the inevitability!

Lot of reporting in the political blogosphere about the Rasmussen poll showing Terry Goddard outpacing potential GOP rivals Jan Brewer and pardoned felon Fife Symington, who inexplicably manages to get 37% support. Terry Goddard (D): 42 Jan Brewer (R-inc): 35 Some other: 13 Not sure: 11 Terry Goddard (D): 44 Fife Symington (R): 37 Some […]

I have one thing to say about this “Desert Divas” scandal.

If you are the type of conservative male who supports laws that punish and humiliate women for having non-procreative sex and that deny gay people the enjoyment of a family life and the ability to support their loved ones – the least you can do is stay away from hookers. Really.

Working people are the welfare queens now.

Since reading the comments at azcentral is my new favorite hobby, of course I’ve run across a few that have me pondering at length. This exchange is from Wednesday: Arizona97: Voting to hike the minimum wage may make you feel good, but it hurts people like teenagers just trying to make a little spending money. […]

Should the AZ Republic change its comments policy?

Yesterday I got a call from Ted Downing regarding my LTTE. He had made some supportive comments to the online version and was appalled by the downright menacing tone of some of the other comments to my letter. Dr. Downing thinks that the Republic should require a first and last name for online comments just […]

Guess they don’t want to take that deal

Last Friday I dashed off a quick LTTE to the Republic in response to an oped and a few letters complaining about how the mean old liberals are accusing the teabaggers of racism. Don’t like being called racist because you oppose President Barack Obama? I’ll make a deal with you. Assuming you are not a […]

Marketing to women fail.

Furniture Affairs, a local emporium of “gently-used” furnishings wanted to celebrate its 20 years in business and take advantage of consumers looking for bargains in the current recession. My friend Joy sent out an alert to facebook friends about this billboard: Umm…I guess we’re supposed to take away from this that buying furniture on the […]

Sal’s a weirdo but we like him because we’re weirdos too.

We like much about Sal DiCiccio. We recommended him in his race for the Phoenix City Council in District 6. He works hard. He’s a smart guy who has been around the political block. But, with Sal, one takes the odd with the good. DiCiccio, who takes pride in his straight-talker reputation, claims a “third […]

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