Hey Sal, you should keep closer tabs on your stooges

I’m not going to link to his site, but there’s a prominent right wing Arizona blogger I like to call Hedda Drudge for his propensity to clutch his pearls in faux outrage over whatever the local GOP honchos want him to. Right now he is pushing Sal DiCiccio’s non-story of of the non-issue about Dana […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Ahwatukee style!

Because next week is Phoenix City Council elections, and because my friend Dana Kennedy is putting up a fierce challenge to appointed incumbent (and holder of leases to develop parcels of land along the proposed Loop 202 extension in the Tuke) Sal DiCiccio, I thought I’d reprint what my favorite former Republic columnist Jon Talton […]

You’re as sick as your secrets, Joel

Yesterday the Capitol Times reported that MCSO Captain and SCA commando Joel Fox is feeling very down. The Sheriff’s captain who headed up a secretive political committee that broke campaign finance laws in its efforts to support Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio last year is threatening to sue the county for “emotional distress” unless it […]

“Why do left wingers constantly promote class warfare?”

That was a question put to me by a commenter who disagreed with me about the faux-populism of conservative “heroes” like Glenn Beck and Joe Arpaio. Last night Mark and I finally got around to seeing Capitalism: A Love Story. It was good but I have to admit that, for me, it didn’t have the […]

Ray Barnes impresses the ladies with his manly logic.

At a Maricopa County air quality conference Rep. Ray Barnes felt it was necessary to let us gals know how illogical and emotional we are. From the Capitol Times Yellow Sheet: AND NOW, SOME RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM RAY BARNES Ray Barnes didn’t make any female fans yesterday at a Maricopa County air quality conference. Speaking […]

Does Jason Rose think the Goldwater Institute was formed by robots and staffed entirely by volunteers?

He must, since the only response he could muster to Sal DiCiccio’s 202 freeway problem was a petulant sniffle that Dana Kennedy *gasp* took a small salary from a non-profit organization she worked for. DiCiccio has yet to respond to New Times’ request for comment, but immediately on exiting the press conference, we received a […]

Sal DiCiccio Stumbles

Y’all’ve heard a lot about the 202 Freeway and Sal’s conflict of interest in regards to said freeway. If not, read Donna’s blog entries on it: So How Much of a Cut Am I Going to Get, Sal? Things in Ahwatukee That Make You Go Hmm Now who could have seen this coming? DiCiccio stands […]

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