So where is it in the Arizona Constitution that running a corporation here is supposed to be as “nearly free as possible”?

I haven’t seen that clause, have you? There is much written into our state’s founding document on education. The Arizona Constitution established a mandate for public higher education in the state – instruction be “as nearly free as possible.” It also stipulates that “the legislature shall make such appropriations, to be met by taxation, as […]

How to reveal your pet economic theory is a crock in one sentence.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday, surrounded by family and warmth and good food and celebration. Yada, yada, yada…. Anyhow, back to the main business of this blog, which is slamming the GOP and their stupid ideas. And of all their stupid ideas, one of the stupidest by far, is the steaming pile of […]

Turkeys, we got ’em.

From the state Dem party:

Rep. Barnes or Grandpa Simpson, you decide.

The last time Ray Barnes (R-Troglodyte) flew off the handle in a public forum, it was about women being too emotional for politics, unless they are the kind of “aggressive” women that Barnes finds unmarriageable. This past Monday he railed incoherently about how funding to the schools needs to be cut because there aren’t enough […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Promising development in solar affordability

From GreenTechMedia. Report: Solar Electricity Cost Likely to Fall 50% in 2009 The big drop in solar panel prices this year has contributed to a significant decline in the cost of building and operating solar power plants this year, says New Energy Finance. The cost of solar electricity is likely to drop by 50 percent […]

A PSA regarding WW2 heroes

While at the State Committee meeting waiting for the Veteran’s Caucus to start, an elderly gentleman named Frederick approached me to ask about the Caucus. He said he was a WW2 vet and that he was going to be visiting the Memorial in DC soon. His trip is being sponsored by the Honor Flight Network. […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: The one ray of sunshine from the past session.

Arizona’s 2009 legislative session will go down in history as an embarrassing freak show where wingnuts got to demonstrate their utter ineptitude at governance when given all the reins of power. It was as if some deity got bored one day and thought, “Say, wouldn’t it be fun to let the Sarah Palin Fan Club […]

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