John McCain’s brother pwns a teabagger

Pulled this off a rightie blog: To Arizona Tea Party Groups. As a former member of Senator John McCain’s Presidential campaign, (The Senior enlisted military advisor for retired military endorsements on his website) I have just told Senator McCain I cannot support and will not help him with his current senate campaign. Instead I am […]

Adult Children

TPM reports that 25 year old felony suspect and fake pimp James O’Keefe has been remanded to his parents’ house. That the lefty blogosphere finds this a source of snark and amusement kind of misses something that is quite appalling if you really think about it. Which is that treating O’Keefe, a grown man, as […]

Pre-SOTU digest. Got a lot on my mind today.

WordPress doesn’t like me today. Not only have two of my comments to Tedski’s blog been disappeared, but my response to Timmy’s Cat’s comment on last night’s post got eated too. It’s completely gone. Doesn’t even show up as spam. Whither my comments, WordPress? Raul Grijalva is now under the dirty hippie bus. Tedski’s post […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: The role of our state universities.

Mark and I attended ASU President Michael Crow’s presentation Rising To The Challenges: The President’s Community Engagement Presentation at the Tempe Center for the Arts this evening. I felt really important just for being there. Okay, so it was free and open to the public, But whatever. They served appetizers in the lobby. And Hugh […]

Why is anyone surprised?

Several people have forwarded me the now viral story about SC Lt. Governor Andre Bauer’s comments about poor people: “My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. “You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal […]

I’m sorry, Arizona, but we can’t stupid our way out of this mess either

A commenter to a local RW blog vomited forth this pearl of wisdom: You can’t tax and spend your way to either a recovery or a balanced budget. jan (sic), please step aside with the other RINO’s and let the fiscal conservatives fix the mess Napolitano made and you continued. Why are they getting away […]

Blog For Choice Day!

First, I want to alert y’all to Amanda Marcotte’s mind-blowingly eloquent and acerbic post about choice at Pandagon. My offering will be a reiteration of a couple of themes I’ve blogged about here before and I want to focus specifically on Arizona because we’ve been the locus of some rather egregious anti-choice anti-woman legislation in […]

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