So since money is speech

What’s with these outdated “bribery laws” being on the books? I mean, if I want to offer the traffic court judge a “contribution” to help persuade him or her to let me off that speeding charge, who is the government to limit my “free speech”?

Whither the 200,000 mile truck, Scott?

I’m so…um…disappointed by this. Brown’s entourage consisted of just two advisers from his campaign. He pulled up to the Russell Senate Office Building in a Jeep Cherokee just after 10 a.m., rather than the pickup truck featured in a host of his campaign ads Eyerolling so much I’m worried my eyeballs may stick to the […]

Is this the reason for the robocalls?

This Jim Deakin cat claims he’s John McCain’s primary opponent and got a lengthy interview on MSNBC this afternoon wherein he trashed Cindy McCain for her support of gay marriage. Behold the rocket surgeon that is Jim Deakin: America should not have Czars No doubt. Good thing that “Czar” is a made-up media construct […]

John McCain hates you.

So Mark got it, and several Democrats I know did. Here’s the transcript from the Republic, though I’m told there are different versions out there: “Hello, this is newly elected United States Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts and I am honored at the role that your Senator John McCain played in my election yesterday. When […]


Someone on a message board reports she got the following robocall from newly elected MA Senator Scott Brown: “This is your newly elected Senator from Mass. and I want to tell you how much I appreciate the role your Senator, John McCain played in my winning this election. Please support John McCain in his re-election […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: How the Senate has “filibustered” us out of good environmental legislation

So here it is Tuesday and it’s Energy Blogging time. Of course, I’m thinking about tonight’s events so any post I write would take tonight’s MA Senate result into consideration. I was searching the ‘net for energy legislation and came across the Environment America Congressional Scorecard 2009. If you think Republican Scott Brown’s election has […]

Coakley situation demonstrates once again that faux populism and good hair are a winning combo.

The votes aren’t in yet and hopefully the massive last minute GOTV effort won’t be too little too late to get Dem voters to the polls in MA, but it ain’t looking good for her right now. Dem strategists on the teevee are spinning this as being the fault of Coakley and her lackluster campaign. […]

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