Buh bye for now HB2701

This afternoon the lege killed the solar jobs killing bill. House Bill 2701 was killed two days after hearing from several solar companies, including Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd., which threatened to abandon plans to locate a factory in Goodyear. The bill was seen as a potential showdown with the Arizona Corporation Commission, which had […]


In a howler of a LTTE this morning, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-LD9) beseeched readers to support HR2701. Join me in a fight to save utility customers millions of dollars from unreasonable mandates placed on them by the Arizona Corporation Commission. These mandates have forced electric-utility companies to charge a tariff on utility bills over and […]

Lawmakers act to save Arizona from the horror of solar energy and good paying jobs.

I didn’t want my post on nuclear energy last night to get too long so I’m making a separate one for this. HB2701 is a bill that would add nuclear to the description of energy sources that qualify as renewable for the purposes of AZ’s Renewable Energy Standard. What that means is that APS, which […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: In case you missed it.

Yesterday CNN.com presented both sides of the nuclear power debate. I’m loathe to characterize complex issues as “debates” with concrete positions but for simplicity’s sake and because CNN presented it that way, I’ll go with that. Taking the pro-nuke side was environmentalist Stewart Brand, who was interviewed by CNN: Looking for a surefire way to […]

Unenforceable, eh?

The Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision has spurred Sec’y of State Ken Bennett and a bipartisan group of legislators to rush to put together a bill that will bring our state’s law pertaining to corporate campaign contributions into line with that decision. The Secretary of State’s Office is proposing changes in state campaign contribution […]

Tom Horne, AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, don’t know much about history.

In case y’all missed it, last Monday Horne testified before a House Education in support of HB2281. You can click on the hotlink, scroll down to testimony on the bill. About 1 hour 25 minutes in you will hear Tom Horne refer to longtime labor and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta as “a former girlfriend […]

Abbreviated version of Sen. McCain on Sunday Square Off this morning.

Just got home from a weekend trip to Lake Havasu City. This morning Mark and I watched Sunday Square Off on Channel 12 (they get the Phoenix channel there) from our room. Good job to Brahm Resnik, who did his best not to let McCain slide with his talking points on government spending. Here’s a […]

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