Russell Pearce hates (illegal) immigrants. Except when they want to buy guns.

So Russell Pearce has a bill, SB1102, that will get rid of concealed carry permits. We don’t need ’em, cuz only the good guys get them anyway. Sen. Ken Cheuvront was successful in amending the bill to establish felony charges for selling or transferring firearms at a gun show without requiring buyers to prove they are […]

The 2010 Arizona Republican Medicaid Expansion Act.

Do you think sponsors of a bill and a referendum to lower the minimum wage for workers up to age 22 are thinking about unintended consequences? Assuming the lege or the voters pass a measure that would allow employers to pay 16 to 21 year olds $5.44, that means that there could potentially be thousands […]

Why is Andy Thomas waiting so long to resign?

Michael Kiefer and Yvonne Wingett have an article up at the Republic about Andy Thomas’ expected departure from his position as Maricopa County Attorney. I knew that Thomas was collecting signatures for state AG as an exploratory candidate but I didn’t know this: Bill Montgomery, a Thomas employee, and attorney Jason “Jay” Beckstead have opened […]

Let’s fiddle with voter approved funding while the state budget burns!

Robert Robb. Ugh. The problem dates to the passage of the Voter Protection Act in 1998, an initiative saying that what the voters have done the Legislature cannot undo. Since then, voters have approved three significant fiscal measures. Proposition 301, passed in 2000, raised the sales tax six-tenths of a percent for earmarked education programs, […]

Tuesday Energy: The most important race in AZ for an office you’ve never heard of.

CAWCD. The Central Arizona Water Conservation District. There are 15 members on the board and they are elected. Here’s what they do: The Central Arizona Water Conservation District acts as a Board of Directors for CAP and as primary managers of Arizona’s Colorado River water entitlement. The Board is responsible for system maintenance and operations, […]

If redistribution of wealth is wrong, they don’t wanna be right.

When the wealth is being distributed up, that is. Thank you times infinity to Craig from Random Musings for slogging through the mechanics of legislation so I don’t have to. The House accepted, on a mostly party line vote*, an amendment from Frank Antenori to the Special Session’s SB1002. The amendment was a conditional enactment […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Want high speed rail in AZ?

From PIRG today: Arizona PIRG Education Fund Releases New High Speed Rail Report Calls on State of Arizona and ADOT to Follow Through on Commitment to High Speed Rail Funding & Development Today the Arizona PIRG Education Fund released its new report The Right Track: Building a 21st Century High Speed Rail System for America […]

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