Meh, baby, meh

President Obama’s announcement this morning that he would allow offshore drilling was bound to tick off environmentalists and renewable energy proponents, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected and was more about politics and symbolism than policy. Wingnuts across the country are atingle with excitement at the prospect of big oil rigs dotting commie elitist East Coast […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Good news from New Mexico.

A renewable energy standard is an undeniably important thing, but there’s a lot to be said for cutting the emissions of existing fossil fuel systems. During his tenure, Richardson has signed several executive orders aimed at curbing the pollution blamed for global warming. He has appointed advisory groups to come up with recommendations and mandated […]

Codes, codes, everywhere are codes.

Those of us who follow politics from the left and center understand that Republicans and movement conservatives communicate in shorthand. One loaded phrase, to cite the Reaganesque oldie-but-goodie, “Welfare Queen” conveys volumes to the intended audience, in a manner that’s become fairly obvious to everyone at this point. It’s kind of quaint in its heavy-handedness, […]

This is inexcusable, even for the Arizona Republic

It was bad enough that the editorial was a pile of false equivalence bullhockey. Remember how Democratic lawmakers and liberal pundits were egging on the “ecoterrorists, destructive animal-rights activists and left-wing anarchists”? Yeah, neither do I. It was worse for the Republic to indulge in the kind of rhetoric always used to excuse and enable […]

Yay Arizona Hospital and Health Care Association!

I’m an overjoyed Diva this morning to learn that AZHHA is sponsoring an initiative to fund health care for low income Arizonans though a small tax increase on the wealthy. I love this: As crafted, any earnings below $150,000 would be taxed at current rates. But anything above that would be subject to a surcharge. […]

In which it is demonstrated that the MSM is not contributing to the problem at all

Yesterday’s poll on the NBC station website in Upper Michigan. Are you concerned about the threats toward Bart Stupak? Yes, they are a disgrace. No, they are justified. They are harmless and will pass in no time.

Memo to McCain campaign: Stick to country music at the rallies.

Sarah Palin is about to address an adoring mob at the Pima County Fairgrounds. MSNBC is going to carry it live and they keep teasing with quick crowd shots. Either some Democratic prankster is working undercover for the McCain campaign or no one there actually listens to or understands the lyrics of rock songs, because […]

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