People who have been strangely silent on the new immigration law.

Chamber of Commerce and Goldwater Institute: Maybe because the Chamber was given a seat at the table and was able to strip out some of its more business-unfriendly aspects? Just look at the final legislation. Brown people can be questioned and searched just for being brown. You’re committing a crime if you pick up a […]

Well, today sucked but at least there are Diva shirts now.

I will be bringing a small number of t-shirts with the Diva logo on them to the State Committee Meeting in Tucson. The price is $20 and part of the proceeds go to Emerge. We have M through XL, in a girl style that, as it turns out, runs very small. We will have a […]

Nice shirt, eh. You get it at Zellers?

Canuck Watch 2010TM Update. It appears that Gov. Brewer is going to sign SB1070 in the morning. Since the profiling will be sartorial, and not racial (h/t to BarbinMd at Kos for that), and so much has been said about how to use clothing to determine the status of the possibly undocumented brown people around […]

A special message for our new County Attorney, Rick Romley

SCA SCA SCA SCA SCA SCA SCA Probably not going to happen but a girl can dream.

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Earth Days – The Seeds of a Revolution

That’s the name of a very good PBS documentary that you can watch online: It’s funny to realize that there was a time when environmentalist wasn’t a loaded word and that Earth Day activists in 1970 were able to defeat seven entrenched incumbent Congressman from among those they’d deemed “The Dirty Dozen” because of […]

I say give McCain everything he wants

Seriously, give McCain everything he wants for his 10 point “Border Security Action Plan”. The additional Guard and Border Patrol personnel, the millions in additional funding, the fencing and surveillance systems, everything. All of it in earmarks.

A digest of stuff I wanted to post but The Big Gay Weekend in Phoenix didn’t let me get to them.

1. Pride Festival Was a blast as always and I was working it getting signatures for Dem candidates. You don’t usually get much resistance while collecting petition signatures in this crowd. “Hi, I’m collecting signatures to get (Dem candidate) on the ballot to run against (Republican incumbent)…” The words are no sooner out of your […]

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