Why Rand Paul matters to Arizona

Rand Paul’s statements illustrate the perniciousness of libertarianism. He thinks that the Civil Rights Act should only have extended to government institutions, like schools and other public accommodations. Let private businesses discriminate as they please and the “free market” will sort it out. He personally “abhors racism”, so it should follow (in his mind) that […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: The Bathtub

Between working the polls in Flagstaff, and getting windburned by the 50 MPH winds (my face looks like a tomato right now) and following the Prop 100 vote, I have to admit I’ve given y’all short shrift on a well thought out blog post on energy. This is despite the fact that I’ve been surrounded […]

No, Janet Napolitano did not spend the state into debt.

She didn’t and everyone paying attention knows that meme is bunk but Arizona Republicans push it as though it’s received wisdom, as Thayer Verschoor did in his AZ Republic editorial opposing Prop 100. From 1912 until 1997, general-fund expenditures grew from zero to $6.086 billion. Ten years later, they skyrocketed to $13.961 billion. The meteoric […]

See, this is why it needs to be between a woman and her doctor.

It doesn’t always end with a Tim Tebow. Primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) is a rare, progressive condition aggravated by the physiologic changes occurring during pregnancy and surgery. The maternal mortality rate associated with pregnancy and pulmonary hypertension ranges from 30 to 50%.12 The administration of IV epoprostenol has been well-demonstrated to improve hemodynamics in nonpregnant […]

It’s truly an honor just to be nominated.

But Democratic Diva wants to win so please vote for this blog in the AZ Capitol Times Best of the Capitol survey. It’s question #32. http://surveys.azcapitoltimes.com/s3/bestofthecapitol

It’s official, Arizona does not see color.

Governor Brewer signed a bill banning ethnic studies into law today. That means you better not teach any classes that might “…advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group.” So don’t teach about Greek or Roman mythology, because the descendants of […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Thimblefull Baby Thimblefull

Grabbed this photo from Al Gore’s latest article at The New Republic The profound risk to our national and economic security posed by the prospect of the world’s sudden loss of access to Persian Gulf oil contributed greatly to the strategic miscalculations and public deceptions that led to our costly invasion of Iraq, including the […]

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