Tuesday Energy Blogging: Important hearing before the Corp Comm tomorrow.

Or today, since it’s almost midnight and most of y’all read my posts in the morning. Wednesday June 30th, the Arizona Corporation Commission will decide whether or not Solar City (a solar installer based in CA) can enter into a contract with the Scottsdale Unified School District to equip them with solar panels. In return, […]

John Kavanaugh helpfully provides clues on how to ferret out the undocumented Canucks in Arizona

Last Friday author and journalist Terry Greene Sterling was part of a panel discussion on immigration. During the panel discussion, a lively audience and the panelists tackled SB 1070 from a number of different angles — the morality of it, historical context, how it may be carried out, efforts to stop it, its legality, and, […]

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Isn’t this cozy? A little over a week after Pearce introduced S.B. 1070 on the floor of the Arizona Senate, CCA enlisted Highground Consulting, one of the most influential lobbying firms in Phoenix, to represent its interests in the state. Lobby disclosure forms filed with the Arizona Secretary of State indicate that Maricopa County also […]

The art of Anglosplaining SB1070

Women who frequent the blogosphere are familiar with a particularly noxious form of commentary condescension known as “mansplaining”. It typically occurs when women are having an online discussion of issues affecting women and a dude drops in to “enlighten” the ladies on how we’re wrong and illogical. The dude, grounded as he is in the […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: AZ Chamber of Commerce wants to do it BP style

They likes them a “pro-business regulatory environment”. “We look forward to Brenda Burns joining Commissioner Pierce on the Corporation Commission,” Hamer said. “Both are proven advocates for a regulatory environment that encourages investment and attracts jobs.” Hmm. regulatory capture reg·u·la·to·ry cap·ture noun Definition: industry regulators serving industry: an economic situation in which regulators serve the […]

Kids these days.

Stuff like this tells you just how powerful the GOP noise machine is in Arizona: Some Arizona Democrats recently posted a pair of three-minute YouTube videos involving the Republican candidate for superintendent of public instruction, Sen. John Huppenthal of Chandler. They are remixed, reconfigured versions of a six-minute YouTube video posted in February by a […]

Do SB1070 backers have a different kind of guest worker program in mind?

Yesterday’s Republic Valley section reported that “cash-strapped” cities are using 50 cent an hour prison labor as a cost savings measure. Douglas sits on the Mexican border, about 50 miles west of New Mexico. Its economy struggled after the smelter closed in the late 1980s. City leaders had less revenue to work with. Michael Ortega […]

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