WTF Bob Robb

While I find most right wing defenses of BP to be downright comical these days, Robert Robb’s callousness sends a shudder down my spine. What motivates a person to be more concerned about the wellbeing of a corporation and its profits than about the death of human beings and wildlife and the destruction of an […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: SmartPower!

I had the privilege of meeting with these folks earlier today. SmartPower is working with a group of utility partners, including Arizona Public Service (APS) to promote smarter energy choices by its residents. Among its many efforts, Arizona SmartPower seeks to increase residential solar installations in Arizona – making Arizona the solar capital! When we […]


It has come to my attention that Corona del Sol High School student reporter Keith Wagner is displeased that his school project, which included the interview with Sen. John Huppenthal, is being used for political points. Also, it seems that the snippet of the interview I got from youtube was taken out of context and […]

AZ GOP sues to remove Dem Mine Inspector candidate from ballot. Because he doesn’t go to the same cocktail mixers Brett Mecum does.

Or maybe Brett thinks elections are a never-ending fraternity pledge drive. I found out today that the reason the AZ GOP is suing to take Manny Cruz off the ballot is not because of insufficient valid signatures (Cruz turned in well over the minimum) but because Executive Director Mecum “asked around” about Manny. No one […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Some bad stuff is going down in CA tonight. UPDATE: Maybe not.

The votes aren’t all in yet but Prop 16, a measure that would require 2/3 of the voters to support efforts by local governments to get into the energy business is a nailbiter right now on this California primary evening. PG&E was deeply concerned that itty bitty cities and towns couldn’t handle the complexity of […]

You want to talk about “diminishing the service of the Greatest Generation”, Governor Brewer?

Brewer really wants to go there? Per Brewer’s campaign website: “My father, Wilford Drinkwine, moved our family before I was born from Minnesota to Nevada to work at the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot in Western Nevada at the outset of World War II. He passed away when I was 11 years old. His death came after […]

Attention Arizona candidates!

They’re called Homemakers for America and they’re launching the Abigail Adams Project! Women, are you longing for the days when you couldn’t vote or own property uh, wait, a Union based on the “common goal of preserving the founding principles and values America was founded on”? These Homemakers are just the ticket for you! They […]

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