“I don’t believe in evolution and I’m a shill for Big Oil but you should take my views on climate change seriously.”

This “Climategate” nonsense is a perfect illustration of committed political operatives using a loud bullhorn to convey a stream of bullcrap intended to confuse and derail the public discourse and succeeding at it. What’s really amazing to me is how right wingers with no compunction about claiming the universe is literally 6000 years old are […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Ending my 2 week hiatus

Sorry about that, kidlets. Coupla things I wanted to post about regarding energy while I was shirking my blog duties: 1. Everyone should sign up for biweekly email updates from Progressive States Network if y’all haven’t done so already. Yesterday’s update was all about renewable energy and what different states are doing to get it […]

Mel and Russ and Jack

Hi Diva-lets! Sorry for my absence. Been hella busy and on a semi-news break. ‘Course, there’s no escaping the MelGibsonPocalyptoPocalypse currently in progress. Sheesh, what a schmuck. Let’s see: Domestic violence. Ugly racist statements. No wait, domestic violence. How about we get back to Mel’s horrific violence toward his girlfriend and the mother of his […]

Oh, so the Goldwater Institute was waiting for Frank Luntz to tell them what to say

Of course, the announcement it links from the GI website doesn’t mention immigration. At all. “Effective language attached to policies that are mainstream and delivered by people who are passionate and effective can change the course of history.” –Frank Luntz Best-selling author of Words that Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear […]

There’s no clause in the Constitution that says being “pretty, popular” guarantees you rights.

Rootin’ shootin’ CD3 Congressional candidate Pamela Gorman was the subject of a softball interview in the Channel 5 studio for the evening broadcast earlier this evening. Pamela, are those your guns? Pamela, how conservative ARE you? Super conservative? Or super DUPER conservative? Barf. Commenter on Gorman’s Facebook page: The “New Feminist” movement of fearless female […]

Alright people, drop everything and do this RIGHT NOW

Sign the petition to ask the Iranian government not to execute Mohammadi Ashtiani for “adultery” tomorrow. They were originally going to bury her up to her chest and pelt her with stones but after massive international protest have decided to kill her some other way. Ashtiani already received 99 lashes for her “crime” back in […]


A prominent and influential right wing Arizona blogger claims he doesn’t blog for money yet won’t reveal who his employer is. Hmm….

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