Tuesday Energy Blogging: They’re at it again. Equating conservation that saves soldiers’ lives with weakness.

Shame on them. Simply, shame on them. If reducing fuel consumption would lessen fatalities among soldiers putting themselves at great risk transporting the fuel, then why would anyone in their right mind oppose that? Excerpt from a Gabrielle Giffords campaign press release sent out today: August 30, 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Anne Hilby […]

Nice try but Brock Landers is a relevant campaign issue.

So the official narrative on Ben Quayle’s participation on the Dirty Scottsdale site has become that it’s is a trivial matter and bringing it up is a “smear”. We’re supposed to focus on Weighty and ImportantTM matters such as the economy and foreign policy in the CD3 race. I’ve heard this not just from the […]

Did RNC bigwig Bruce Ash help to sink Jonathan Paton?

On Arizona Illustrated, Tucson’s public television political show, RNC Committeeman Bruce Ash seems to admit as much. Starting around the 7:20 mark host Bill Buckmaster asks Ash if he sees parallels between Tuesday’s primary and the 2006 primary when hardcore righty Randy Graf took out GOP establishment darling Steve Huffman. Ash responds by stating that […]

Belated energy post: Corp Comm primary results warrant serious attention and action

There are still votes to be counted but from the looks of it David Bradley and Jorge Garcia are the Dem nominees for AZ Corporation Commission. I worked on Renz Jennings’ campaign through the signature and Clean Elections qualifying phase so of course I’m disappointed on a personal level, but David and Jorge are good […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: It’s Wednesday already and I’ve got nothing.

Just got back from primary night festivities. Bittersweet for me because some of the Dem candidates I really wanted to win didn’t. But I promise I’ll post something important tomorrow about an important energy thing having to do with Arizona.

Watch me on Channel 12 tonight. Plus, Ronda Apolinar of Chino Valley is upset with me.

1. Greg Patterson, Stan Barnes, and I will be providing primary election color commentary. From 8 to 9 we’ll be on HDTV channel 12.2, AKA the “Weather Plus” channel. That’s if you have the box thingy. Channel 83 on Cox Cable. Then we’ll be doing segments on the regular Channel 12 broadcast at 10pm. 2. […]

Democratic primaries

I’m not going to endorse or prognosticate about tomorrow. You may have noticed that I don’t say much about the Democratic primary races in Arizona. I definitely have my favorites but I’ve rarely felt a compelling reason to weigh in on a primary candidate in my blog posts because, for the most part, I’m pleased […]

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