A hearty welcome to the unforgiving Valley of the Sun blogosphere to It’s Never Sunny In Phoenix

Edit: Sorry! Bad link. Fixed. It promises “Dark tales of political opportunists, insider baseball, and a hefty dose of satire”. I’m blogrolling it (soon as I remember how to do that, it’s been so long) and am looking forward to the snark, erudition, and insight that will ensue.

Tuesday Energy (water) Blogging: Republic proves it can get an endorsement right

If only they’d look at every race through the same keen technocratic lens they’re viewing this one. But a slate of candidates with narrow, short-term goals is threatening the long-term stability of our water supplies. They aim to shrink the water conservation district’s role so drastically that it will be unable to do vital analysis […]

Colbert testimony was preaching to a tone deaf choir

While many of my progressive buds thought Stephen Colbert’s Congressional testimony was a laugh riot, I cringed through the whole thing. Which is too bad because Colbert is a brilliant satirist and he could have used this opportunity to eviscerate powerful people and institutions. But that’s not what he did. …So, we do not want […]

We’re number 3!

According to the plutocrats, anyway. I’ve told y’all to get updates from Progressive States Network. So go ahead and do it. Dang! Eye on Right: ALEC Ranks Arizona a Top 3 State Economy, Even as Poverty Rate Climbs to 2nd Highest What makes an economy shine in the eyes of the American Legislative Exchange Council […]

Arizona Republicans hate illegal immigration, love illegal employers. The love is mutual.

Yeah, I’m belaboring the point, but as long as I keep seeing reasons to do so, belabor it I will. Per yesterday’s Capitol Times Yellow Sheet (arrows helpfully provided by moi): We already know about the AZ Chamber’s duplicity (cutting deals with the Legislature to take a neutral stance on SB1070). But how about those […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns threaten the EPA with a lawsuit. Because they’re insulting breathing.

(Edited to correct the spelling of Pierce’s name. I had spelled it Pearce.) This morning I was in the audience of a League of Women Voters forum in Green Valley. It was for AZ statewide and local candidates. Here’s a recap from the Green Valley News. The salient quotes they picked up from GOP Corp […]

In case it wasn’t obvious by now, John McCain is yet another cheap labor conservative.

Oh yeah, I heard for years from fellow progressives how John McCain was “good on immigration”. Just like Jeff Flake and Lindsay Graham and a few others. No they’re not, I’d argue, they want cheap labor for their big donors in the agriculture, construction, and hospitality industries. This would invariably lead to an argument. I […]

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