Sunday Square Off and election night coverage

Your Diva will be doing both. I’m on Square Off with Greg Patterson (of Espresso Pundit) and Chris Herstam, 12 News political insider and consultant. That’s tomorrow at 8am on Channel 12 (or online for you kittycats that sleep in on Sunday). Tuesday night is a reprise of Primary election eve. I’ll be on the […]

Russell Pearce is a bigot but he’s not a true believer.

He’s not and his involvement with Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in the drafting of SB1070 make it more obvious than any explanation I can give you. Oh but, Donna, how can that be possible? He demagogues the issue with such vigor! He must believe of what he […]

C’mon, she was just buzzed!

From the KPHO CBS 5 website just a few minutes ago. The report describes how Brewer rear-ended a van while on Interstate 17 on May 4, 1988. Below are more details outlined in the report: Brewer told police several different stories as to how the crash happened. Brewer said she had only one scotch but […]

GOP strategists in AZ know something important about the voters in Arizona. The rest of us should pay attention.

“Arizona is a conservative state and recent elections prove that it’s moving even more to the right.” So the Republican pundits, the local news establishment, and even some Democratic observers tell me. It must be the case, because, look! Those kooky right wing Republicans keep getting elected! Really? This persistent meme ignores the fact that […]

Jesse Kelly wants to replace the FDA with DIY

Per a Giffords campaign press release: At two recent events, Kelly asserted that the government should play no role in American food safety. In Kelly’s words, the FDA should be reduced “as much as humanly possible.” At a barbeque at Continental Ranch on Saturday, Kelly was asked what the government could do protect consumers from […]

Yeah, there’s a lotta agriculture going on in LD11.

We got a flyer from LD11 Republican House candidate Kate Brophy McGee today. Glad to see her waste her money since 1) we’re solid Dems and 2) we’ve already voted. For Eric Meyer. What caught my eye about McGee’s flyer was who paid for it. Who knew that a woman who lives in north central […]

The price Arizona Republicans are willing to pay to hurt women and the poor.

From today’s AZ Guardian: Widespread cuts to AHCCCS services may wind up increasing unplanned pregnancies and abortions in the state. To help balance the budget, the Legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer eliminated some benefits for the 1.3 million adults on AHCCCS, including physical exams. But in order to receive pap smears, mammograms, birth control and […]

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