Things I learned at a mixer this evening

It was put on by the AZ Hispanic Chamber and Arizona Latino Research enterprise (ALRE). 1. Outgoing LD8 Senator Carolyn Allen (R) supports Democrat John Kriekard for State Rep in that district. “We need to get John Kavanagh out of there,” she said from the podium. 2. Brenda Burns has some major chutzpah. The Corp […]

Dan Rather vindicates my position on Colbert’s testimony!

I caught a lot of online flak for criticizing Colbert’s testimony to Congress on migrant farmworkers, which followed a Colbert Report segment where he did some work on a farm in New York. Colbert joined with United Farm Workers to promote their “Take Our Jobs” effort. It’s not that I don’t “get satire”, as I […]

Seasoned political operatives don’t just blurt things out.

Here’s what Chuck Coughlin’s own website says about him: A frequent contributor of opinion columns in Arizona and other national publications, Coughlin is an accomplished writer and speaker on national and Arizona political topics; including illegal immigration, campaign finance, infrastructure, education and campaign strategy. Coughlin was asked to serve by then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer […]

Center for Arizona Policy gives Quayle a do-over on his survey so he could take a harsher stance on gay marriage

Ben Quayle’s view on a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the CAP survey he submitted June 7th: DOMA was good enough for the Brockster then. But by September, Jon Hulburd was knocking the hell out of misogynistic porn site co-creator Quayle in the mainstream media and in ads on Christian radio stations. What was […]

Quick and easy down and dirty on propositions and judges

Alright, so some of y’all have asked me, both online and IRL, for assistance voting on ballot measures and judges. I’m flattered! Here’s all the info you need on the props. The folks over at Arizona Advocacy Network have compiled a guide to all of them, with pro and con arguments and who’s supporting them. […]

Brenda Burns, oh my!

Big Oil, Big Nuclear, Alt Fuels, mortgage bankers, LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD! Oh my!

I’ve heard it too

Former Dem Senate candidate and investigative journalist John Dougherty facebooked the following today: There are persistent reports from reliable sources that Gov. Jan Brewer is seriously ill and may not be capable of finishing a four-year term. The public has a right to know about her physical fitness now, not after Nov. 2. I’m told […]

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