Tuesday Energy Blog – Did you know there’s a giant climate change conference going on?

It’s in Cancun and you can see what’s happening there at the official U.N. conference website. Yesterday on his radio show Thom Hartmann read from this piece by Clive Crook of the Financial Times. Crook is a conservative leaning economist and has tough words for the attendees at the convention about the need for immediate […]

Hey kids! Looking for journalism opportunities? The Koch bros. have one for you!

I got a Facebook message from one of my peeps a couple of days ago and I just read it today on account of today is when I decided to read my rapidly-piling-up messages – honestly, how many times do you need to remind me of your upcoming Fundraiser For Homeless Dogs? But there were […]

Tuesday Energy Blog: Hey, c’mon! Stop hating on algae!

AZ House Dems nailed Governor Brewer for her prevarications on cutting funding to AHCCCS transplant patients. Not only did Brewer falsely blame the Obama administration for her administration’s cruel denial of lifesaving procedures to people who had been promised: Brewer lie #1: Federal health care law makes it too hard to fund transplants. FACTS: The […]

You guys lost money because of SB1070? How unfortunate. Maybe you should have opposed it more forcefully.

Looking right at you, Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association and Arizona Tourism Alliance. How sad that you are struggling! Perhaps if you’d taken a real stance against SB1070, instead of issuing an anodyne weak-tea mush-mouthed statement such at this: S1070 Talking Points:  The Tourism Industry is deeply concerned about the repercussions that will result […]

It’s just good old privatization. What’s the problem?

The AZ Republic is running a week long series wherein they hyperventilate over the state pension system. It’s even got a nifty logo: Ooh, that has me deeply concerned. The deal in today’s installment is that some teachers are teaching in schools as contractors while also drawing retirement pay. And because they are on retirement […]

Tuesday Energy posts are back! Clowns in the Legislature to the left of me, Goldwater Institute jokers to the right.

Sorry for not announcing the hiatus in advance but, see, the thing is I hadn’t planned on not doing energy posts so many weeks in a row. Anyhow, soooooo, that was some election we just had, huh? It’s going to be a bumpy ride for the solar industry the next couple years. Goldwater is back […]

“He was no enemy. He was scared and lonely. Like me.”

Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day, an observance of how the War To End All Wars was ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. It was created as a celebration of everlasting peace. Eventually a grassroots campaign took up the cause of using the day to recognize […]

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