No amount of “magic” will make the exploitation go away.

So I’ve been arguing on facebook with a person whom I consider to be a friend, and a smart and decent person in general, about immigration. I won’t name him and I will quote sparingly from his facebook postings but I will tell you that he is someone with a vested professional interest in immigration […]

Well at least he won’t be getting his hands on my cigarette money

So Russell Pearce has been crowned King of Arizona or whatever. Meh. He and Governor Brewer face the new session with a gaping budget hole that they cannot help fill with the revenue they projected would come in from Prop 301 (sweep land conservation funds) and Prop 302 (sweep First Things First early childhood funds). […]

That, and those butt ugly shirts

Per today’s Yellow Sheet: The damage Pearce inflicted on his candidacy for president with his “anchor babies” press conference may be enough to prevent him from getting past the first ballot. One Republican lawmaker told our reporter several prospective Pearce votes called the senator in the days following the media spectacle and expressed their dissatisfaction […]

Profiles in Goldwater Institute courage

Standing up for the freedom of teabaggers to wear stupid shirts at the polls. PHOENIX – Backers of the Tea Party are arguing in court whether voters can wear Tea Party shirts at the polls. The head of Maricopa Elections Department says they’re not allowed to because the Tea Party is a political organization, but […]

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