I interrupt my blogging hiatus to post some stuff on energy.

Hey kids! I promise I’ll be back and posting regularly after the New Year. Sometimes a Diva needs a mental health break, you know? Plus, I’m bracing myself for a new Arizona lege featuring such intellectual luminaries as Teri Proud. Not really looking forward to Congressman Ben Quayle and Senator Rand Paul either. On that […]

Tuesday Energy: Beware of “Arizonans” astroturfing for Enron-style deregulation.

Hat tip to Civil Arizona’s Anna Johnson for “Arizona’s Top 20 Most Influential Lobbyists”, which was informative because it listed who the influential lobbyists represent. It also alerted me to an outfit called Arizonans for Electric Choice and Competition. If that sounds like a grassroots coalition of regular Joes and Janes yearning for freedom from […]

Just another reason to doubt the sincerity of the business community’s pro-immigration rhetoric

Big tip o’ the hat to Steve Lemons of the New Times for his blog post alerting readers to this. Lobbyists for many of the major companies in Arizona are part of an extensive host list of a Russell Pearce fundraiser, at a cost of $250 apiece. But they really, truly, deeply care about immigration […]

Hey, Renew Our Economy people, I have a suggestion for you

This is from a press release by a consortium of business and political leaders calling themselves Renew Our Economy seeking to address the immigration issue. In a very pro-business way, natch. “The Arizona companies joining our effort are proof that in all quarters of the country and in all sectors of the economy there is […]

Tuesday Energy Post: Memo to AZ Republic – The future is henceforth positioned by Brenda Burns.

This is how the Republic ended their paean to outgoing Corporation Commission Chair Kris Mayes. In short, Mayes has helped position Arizona for the future. They’re right, of course. Mayes was sharp, pragmatic, highly competent, and a forward-looking thinker and leader. But, sheesh, nerd alert! The Republic ed board must have gotten bored with all […]

So, uh, where are the “pro-life” groups?

Arizona Right to Life, Center for Arizona Policy, and other so-called “pro-life” organizations in our state: Where the hell are you? Transplant patients approved for life-saving treatment are now denied. This is effectively a death sentence for innocent human beings yet we’re not hearing any denouncements from this crowd against the Governor and Republican legislators. […]

Tuesday Energy: Save the Plug In Tax Credit!

Sorry for the lame duck blogging lately. I’m working on some stuff now but I promise I’ll get back to regular posting soon. Here’s a lazy cut-n-paste of something that came in my inbox earlier. Tell Congress — Don’t let the EV infrastructure tax credit expire! Last year, Plug In America, along with plug-in vehicle […]

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