She said what?!

On KJZZ’s Here and Now earlier today host Steve Goldstein interviewed Governor Brewer’s Chief of Staff Eileen Klein. He asked Klein about the proposed drastic cuts to AHCCCS. Among other things, Klein said that Medicaid spending (which goes to the health care of poor people) doesn’t contribute to Arizona’s growth. She didn’t ask, “Are there […]

Birthright Citizenship bills have an expansive definition of ‘anchor baby’.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an unnoticed detail of the proposed language of the Birthright Citizenship bill and how Sen. Ron Gould seemed to be under the misapprehension that children born in the U.S. to immigrants with legal work visas were not automatically granted citizenship. Gould was, of course, wrong. And now […]

While we were busy minding our tone and civility, AZ Republicans brought the Birther Bill back.

This year 41 Republican legislators signed on to it. When a majority Democratic state legislature in a Blue state puts forth a bill that gives legitimacy to a wacky and inflammatory leftist conspiracy theory you may have a leg to stand on to tell me both sides are guilty. Until then, no, I’m not buying […]

Tuesday Energy Post Action Item

Hey Divas. Hope y’all enjoyed the SOTU. I was very pleased that President Obama talked about green energy (albeit a bit disappointed that he didn’t mention climate change but you can’t have everything. Update on the Corp Comm hearing is that nothing was decided and they will re-adjourn Friday morning at 9:am. If you’re so […]

Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic targeted by anti-choice “sting”.

The AP filed this story, which has been picked up by WaPo and will undoubtedly be reported by local reporters. The visits were made between Jan. 11 and Jan. 15 to health centers in Virginia, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Arizona. Among them was a clinic in Tucson, Ariz., which Planned Parenthood […]

Sen. Linda Gray blames Roe v Wade for Tucson shooting. Seriously.

Per TPMDC: Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Gray did an interview Sunday on George Washington University Radio’s “Political Pulse,” and said: “So now we have this generation of people who have that idea and it continues on, that why respect life if we can kill an infant who can’t defend themselves. It goes back to […]

Corp Comm Chair Pierce announces he will drink the Renewable Energy Standard’s milkshake.

The hearing is going on now. New Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce, being the new Sheriff in town, and for no reason other than showing the treehuggers that we are not the boss of him, is reopening the December 2010 decision approving the Arizona Public Service Company (APS) Renewable Energy Implementation Plan. APS is not […]

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