Jesse Kelly: Putting the “ass” in class.

How public-spirited of him. He just canceled his expected announcement of another campaign: “Everything’s been cancelled. Everything’s on hold. We just don’t want to discuss politics at a time like this,” Kelly’s campaign spokesman, John Ellinwood, said. But: Attorney Lee Miller, who serves as legal counsel for the Arizona Republican Party, told our reporter Kelly’s […]

Tuesday Energy Post: Hey, at least I’m not quoting Yanni.

As a matter of fact, I’m quoting Raffi, the famous Canadian children’s entertainer. In a well known Greek myth, the very rich King Midas, who loves gold above all else, is granted his singular wish that everything he touches turn into gold. The gift becomes a curse when his golden touch kills plants, food, and […]

Substance over tone

I hadn’t been blogging as much as I intended to the past few days because all the talk about “tone” is getting on my last nerve. My mood is not helped by how every Serious Person in DC and Arizona has been pushing the trusty “both sides are guilty” false equivalence. Newsflash to everyone: It’s […]

We’re not to the promised land yet, Dr. King.

But we’ll get there one day, as you promised. Peace.

Wherein the Republic ed board demolishes whatever shred of its credibility that might have remained.

Just when I thought Republic editorials weren’t capable of a more epic level of fail than that which they’d already demonstrated: Dupnik took up his cause again on Monday. And, in response, we have to say at last . . . enough. Enough attacks, sheriff. Enough vitriol. It is well past time for the sheriff […]

Tuesday Energy Post: Rep. Giffords is a champion of the environment and clean energy.

Given the good news today that Gabby Giffords is showing remarkable progress in her recovery, I thought I would devote this evening’s post to recognize the important work she’s done in Congress on solar energy and the environment. Giffords introduced the Solar Energy Research and Advancement Act of 2007 which provides funding for many different […]

Is Ron Gould spreading misinformation about birthright citizenship?

Per yesterday’s Kingman Daily Miner: The idea was to grant citizenship to the newly freed slaves and their children, (State Sen.) Gould said. It was not designed to give citizenship to people who came to the U.S. illegally. Children born to parents visiting the U.S. on a work visa are not automatically granted U.S. citizenship, […]

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