Y’all just look silly when you press this “states rights” nonsense.

Somewhere on the internets there must be a Legal Jargon That Makes You Think You Look Smart and Like A Super Patriot on Facebook Generator that spews out stuff like the following: The Federal Governemnt is not the “boss” of the states, and, the Founders intended it that way. States, not the Supreme Court or […]

They’re scared of their moms, really.

Don’t let this happen at YOUR State Capitol!! Oh noes!! What I see at the link is some ill-advised signs (possibly from provocateurs). But mostly regular people with women featured prominently. Tea Partiers, tell your moms why you don’t want them to get paid for teaching and nursing?

Walmart in Arizona 1. Walmart employees in Arizona 0.

So the AZ Senate Appropriations Committee voted to defund AHCCCS. That should make a lot of conservative Arizonans happy. After all, as I’ve been told ad infinitem, Those PeopleTM are to blame for all our fiscal woes, what with their promiscuous use of public services. I have no sympathy for people who don’t pay their […]

Cathi Herrod denies theocratic goals of Center For Arizona Policy; bears false witness while doing so.

Herrod’s editorial in the Daily Star Saturday took issue with the (shocking!) observation that CAP has a religious agenda which it is imposing on Arizonans via legislation. The family is at the very foundation of our society. The Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) promotes and defends foundational principles impacting Arizona families. Each CAP-supported legislative proposal […]

Former legislator and gun totin’ failed Congressional candidate Pamela Gorman slags off on teachers on Facebook. For the children.

I just heard that schools in WI are considering closing because the “teachers gone wild” would rather protest than teach and school officials feel the campuses aren’t safe with as many as 40% calling in “sick” and then showing up to chant at the state capitol… I would love to see someone step up with […]

Ran into a state legislator while shopping tonight

Mark and I chatted with her about the special session for the corporate tax cuts and the general mood among Dem lawmakers. Most of what she told us wasn’t surprising: Everything the GOP majority is doing is to advance their drown-the-government ideology under the fig leaf of “job creation”. She said her Republican counterparts at […]

Shawna Forde’s Arizona.

Happy 99th Anniversary to our state and Happy Valentine’s Day. This also happened: (CNN) — An Arizona jury on Monday convicted anti-illegal immigration activist Shawna Forde of murder in the killing of a Latino man and his 9-year-old daughter during a 2009 vigilante raid she led on their home. The Pima County jury convicted Forde […]

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