The new American Dream. It’s a nightmare.

You don’t deserve any help at all, as a poor child, because you didn’t pick the right parents. You shouldn‘t get government subsidized birth control because you shouldn‘t have sex outside of marriage, or sex at all if you are poor. If you get pregnant, you should have the baby. Because it’s immoral not to. […]

The long arm of ALEC

From blogging that I and (many) others have done on the topic of national conservative organizations influencing state legislation, it should be obvious by now that the ideas that Republican elected officials in Arizona are trying to push on us are not just toxic to our lives an communities, they are not even original. I’ve […]

Do those ALEC junkets violate Open Meeting Law?

I caught this informative and useful piece by University of Wisconsin prof William Cronon about the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council on recent anti-working people legislation in his state and across the country. I’ve blogged about ALEC before, as have others here. ALEC is yet another national right wing think tank that promotes […]

Peggy Neely does not want to trouble her beautiful mind with likes of you lowly Phoenicians.

No really, Phoenix City Mayoral candidate Peggy Neely doesn’t. Neely, a real-estate broker, blames builders for misinforming homebuyers about where future roads are supposed to go. “To that, I say, ‘buyers beware,’ it is a buyer’s responsibility to understand what is coming. If there is not a roadway there, that does not necessarily mean that […]

Update on Tony the Bitter Substitute: The class DID watch the Lou Dobbs video

Glendale Elementary School District confirms that Tony Hill, writer of the offensive letter Senator Klein read from the floor, did indeed sub for an 8th grade class recently. And the students were asked to write to Sen. Gallardo about his statements on the 2007 Lou Dobbs interview. But it was to be a position paper, […]

Meanwhile, Arpaio is so desperate for someone to pay attention to him

He’s reduced to going on cockfighting man dates with Steven Seagal. In a massive show of force on Monday, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant and arrested the homeowner, Jesus Llovera, on charges of suspected cockfighting. Llovera was alone in the house at the time of the arrest, and he was unarmed. […]

It’s IOKIYAR for Pearce when he “shows utter contempt for the United States”

Senate President Pearce issued a petulant projection-fest of a response to Democrats’ doubts about the letter Sen. Lori Klein read from the floor of the State Senate last week. The letter was a poorly written, grammatical error-laden diatribe against Latino students by substitute language arts teacher Tony Hill. Not that you’d know the original intent […]

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