Much has already been written about the now infamous letter written by Tony Hill, who claims to substitute teach in Glendale, that was read aloud by Senator Lori Klein on the floor of the Arizona Senate last week. Best post goes to Tedski: It’s just a wee bit odd that this man’s experiences in a […]

Glenn Spencer palled around with Shawna Forde too

Recall that avowed white supremacist Glenn Spencer, whom Senator Sylvia Allen (R-what else) had to disinvite from addressing a committee hearing to avoid embarrassment, may have helped Shawna Forde evade capture after she and accomplices murdered two people and attempted to murder a third. Forde was arrested near Sierra Vista, Ariz., by an FBI team […]

Why are GOP legislators and the Governor so intractable on transplant funding?

Tonight the AZ Senate refused yet again to fund treatment for 96 transplant patients who had been previously approved for it. Several groups came forward with strategies to pay for the operations that wouldn’t add to the state deficit. This seems ridiculously counterintuitive for Arizona Republicans. Why are they willing to die on this particular […]

Tuesday Energy Post: Two randomly selected opinions on nuclear power, juxtaposed.

Oxford Research Fellow Nicole Foss, AKA Stoneleigh: In my view, nuclear power represents an unjustified faith in the power of human societies to control extremely complex technologies over the very long term. Any activity requiring a great deal of complex and cooperative control will do badly in difficult economic times. Also, no human society has […]

Job creation? Who has time for job creation?

The Arizona Legislature has immigrants and women seeking abortions to harass! Priorities, people. Hat tip to my facebook friend Anna Johnson of Civil Arizona for posting this earlier. The last time this committee met, on February 16th, it was for a grand total of two minutes.

If the most maligned people can’t sue, what does that mean for you?

HB2191 is going through the Arizona Legislature this week. It would disallow punitive damages to anyone who entered the country illegally “in any action in any court in this state.” Actually that was done back in 2006 when Arizona voters approved an amendment to our state constitution. What this bill does is make it retroactive […]

Scott Bundgaard has the same outstanding taste in attorneys as he does in publicists

Tip o’ the hat to Tedski who blogged about local PR impresario Jason Rose’s breathless announcement that Bundgaard “aced” a polygraph. Ted rightly noted that a) polygraphs are notoriously unreliable and b) that Senator Bundgaard was attending to his personal problems on a very busy Wednesday at the Legislature, which tells you where his priorities […]

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