What the…?

This has over 314,000 views so maybe y’all have seen it but I saw it for the first time today.

Just a thought I have on the SB1322 and I’m just throwing it out there

Mary Jo Pitzl of the AZ Republic Political Insider theorizes that Gov. Brewer might have vetoed Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s bill because of bad blood between them going back to 2002. And while Brewer’s veto letter gives ample reasons for her decision to spurn SB 1322, we hark back to 2002. That’s when a […]

How not to report on Birtherism

First, there’s the headline: “Obama’s birth certificate doesn’t end speculation” I realize reporters don’t usually pick headlines so I’m not faulting writer MaryEllen Resendez for that but this lede suggests that the post birth certificate release speculation is reasonable and not pure and utter racist batshittery, not to mention moving goalposts. But I’d be willing […]

I’m sure they’re paying fair market rent for the use of those 501(c)3 facilities.

James King of the New Times covered the trainwreck that is the Arizona GOP today. The rift is over recently elected State Chair Tom Morrissey, whom a bunch of Republican activists want to give the boot on account of what they describe as incompetence and the unseemliness of five times married Morrissey being the standard […]

Birther whiners finally got their precious long form

I expect our own Birthers like Reps. Carl Seel and Judy Burges will get right to goalpost moving as their heroes Orly Taitz and Donald Trump are doing. When they make the inevitable noises about where are President Obama’s college records and what not, do you suppose the Republic will do an indignant op-ed chastising […]

Okay to pull bogus undercover stings on Planned Parenthood. Not okay to do legit undercover reports on farms and meatpacking plants.

Opponents of reproductive choice made hay over anti-abortion/contraception activist Lila Rose’s dishonest “sting” operations on Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Her operatives mostly found clinic workers responding to a possible sex trafficking operation the way they were supposed to, which was to report it to the authorities. (The one employee who violated ethical standards […]

Stanton gets coveted Talton endorsement

Well, I covet it anyway. Jon Talton, a fourth generation Phoenician and frequent essayist on this city and Arizona, though he now resides in Seattle, weighed in on the Mayoral race today. He likes all the candidates but says Greg Stanton is his pick: Greg Stanton is another candidate who risks being underestimated. Too polished. […]

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