Business leaders are who put us on this course

Kathleen Ingley is one of my favorite writers at the AZ Republic and her op-ed today is a must read. It’s a clear and concise accounting of how decades of tax cuts, gimmicks, and fiscal foolishness have brought Arizona to our current economic misfortune. And she doesn’t blame Clean Elections, for which she gets several […]

Sine die isn’t even cold and it’s already started

Per today’s Capitol Times Yellow Sheet: It is also probable that Paton’s campaign will include the former state senator’s wry sense of humor. When asked if Clean Elections supporters’ claims of the pervasive influence of special interest money will ring a bell with voters, Paton quipped: “I thought Clean Elections was supposed to fix all […]

In which I explain, once again, that it was NOT Clean Elections that caused everything

Big day at the lege. Gov. Brewer vetoed the infamous Birther Bill (and the Guns Absolutely Everywhere one, which surprised me). I didn’t think she’d sign the “circumcision papers, please” for Presidential candidates. Not that it matters, since the damage of that bill landing on Brewer’s desk is already done. Another big thing (at least […]

Carl Seel invokes MLK to defend the Birther Bill

Unbelievable. I caught the Channel 12 Lunchcast because I was eager to see what Secretary of State Ken Bennett was going to say about the Birther Bill. Bennett said he was worried about how the bill allows any Arizona resident to bring a lawsuit to challenge a Presidential candidate. He also said that Barack Obama’s […]

I’m taping the Square Off

The show will air 8am on Channel 12 Sunday morning. I’m on the panel with Neil Rosekrans of Statebrief (a nice guy and only conservative whose blog is allowed on the Diva blogroll) and Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services. We’re going to be discussing Arpaio’s latest misspending foibles and the sucktastically bad bills coming […]

They’re sex fiends.

Truly. I had big plans for this past weekend. I was going to through my clothes. Y’all know what an ordeal that is. “These pants haven’t fit me in six years but if I start going to the gym regularly again…” But then there was this federal budget showdown dealio last week where the GOP […]

Our rich overlords are superior to us because, why?

In the 2008 Maricopa County Sheriff’s race, there were some rich people who thought it would be cute to run nasty ads against the guy who had the temerity to run against Joe Arpaio. They set up an illegal slush fund to do just that. The organizers of this endeavor and their donors were so […]

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