Okay, whoever’s running against Quayle. It’s go time.

I’ve heard some Dem names floated for running in CD3 (or whatever it will be next year) but no one’s filed yet. Last night’s result in NY26’s special election is a game changer, for sure. Pundits across the country have mentioned that the Democrat won the race in a district so heavily GOP that no […]

I didn’t realize “neutral” meant “purity”.

The Daily Beast reports that a pair of former Girl Scouts and some social conservative groups are condemning GSA for having a “pro-abortion mindset” and harboring a “radical feminist agenda”. Oh my. The events that transpired at the conference, as stated on the Volanskis’ blog, were perceived as part of GSUSA’s “corrupt” plan to promote […]

MSNBC picked up the ALEC story. Maybe the Arizona media will pay attention.

Lawrence O’Donnell did a nice segment about ALEC on his Last Word show tonight. He was surprised (as am I) that in all his years in politics he had never heard of the organization until now, despite ALEC being in existence since 1973 and wielding a tremendous amount of corporate influence over state legislatures, including […]

Obsessed much?

Seriously, Doug MacEachern. His last four posts have been about TUSD Ethnic Studies. Actually 6 of his last 10 have been about it. They’ve gotten increasingly frantic, the latest featuring MacEachern hyperventilating and pearl clutching about Dr. Ward Churchill being in attendance at the April 26th meeting. The claim that the raucous April 26 incident […]

Gullett is right not to underestimate the new Tea Party Mayoral candidate

Jennifer Wright, an attorney who describes herself as a longtime Tea Party member, has entered the Phoenix Mayor race. New Times reporter Monica Alonzo posted the email that a clearly alarmed Wes Gullett sent to some of her supporters: Gentlemen, I have been giving a lot of consideration to the excitement about Jennifer Wright entering […]

It’s so lame when politicians politicize the border

President Obama visited El Paso, TX to give a speech on the border and immigration today. This caused our Arizona GOP politicians to react swiftly with huffy statements wherein they “scoffed” and expressed the profound butthurtedness they felt over Obama slighting Arizona: “This is not surprising considering he made the same evolution in 2008,” the […]

Cathi Herrod has big plans for us in ’12

Yes, indeed. The Colorado Independent reports that the Family Policy Council, the political arm of evangelical behemoth Focus on the Family, has launched a multi-state effort to attack LGBT and reproductive rights in the 2012 campaign season. Naturally GOP politicians are pleased as punch at this since it’s electoral catnip for them. The campaign, which […]

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