This is exactly how it started with Arpaio

A facebook friend made the astute observation today that the Valley news media have been giving Pinal County Sheriff Babeu the same kind of fawning, obsequious coverage they had given Sheriff Arpaio for years. This uncritical reporting, which at times was difficult to distinguish from outright PR flacking, helped enable Arpaio to run a massively […]

Some insight as to where our GOP legislators may be getting their crackpot ideas about rape.

Per HR3, which was voted on in Congress yesterday and passed with every GOP member (including our entire AZ GOP delegation) voting in favor, had the odious “forcible rape” language stripped out of it a while back. But Republicans used a “sly legislative maneuver” to arrive at the same exclusion of abortion coverage for […]

That would make a great riot grrl band name

Center for Arizona Prudery uh Policy are positively giddy over their legislative successes in 2011, including: Abortion-minded women in Arizona will not be subject to substandard care thanks to a number of bills which ensure that basic health and safety standards are met: Abortion Minded Women. Sweet!

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