How does Phoenix Mayor candidate Jennifer Wright think that contractors keep costs down?

Tea Party favorite Jennifer Wright is seen as an up-and-comer in the Phoenix Mayor race by political observers in Sand Land. I predicted she’d be formidable in a recent post since she has the Tea Party support and a good name (yes, that makes a difference). Her debate performances have been panned and her spotty […]

Whoo freedom!

The Supreme Court struck down Arizona’s Clean Elections matching funds today in a 5-4 decision. It was a move that surprised no one and the news for supporters of public campaign finance wasn’t entirely bad since the court upheld the Constitutionality of the program itself. Still, the haves and have mores in Arizona were elated. […]

Freedom is just another word for “ladies need not apply”.

The Goldwater Institute issued a press release today about their (startling) finding that (surprise) underpaid part-time ignorant legislators lead to more magic ponies spreading awesome freedomness for states. Freedom Thrives with Everyday Citizens in State Legislatures Goldwater Institute analysis says voters should resist efforts to create career legislatures Goldwater Institute News Release June 22, 2011 […]

They can go ahead and stop lecturing us on civility now.

Y’all know I’m not the kind of blogger who engages in faux indignation over lapses in decorum by politicians and activists. I’ve found the past few months of hand wringing over “tone” and “name-calling” to be grating at best and missing the point completely at worst. Public figures like politicians and high profile abortion providers […]

Salient clips from yesterday’s special session

The link to yesterday’s Special Session in the AZ House is up at and I clipped out a few of the GOP speeches I found striking. I was going to do a longer post but I think these clips illustrate the situation perfectly. First there’s Rep. Steve Montenegro (R-Litchfield Park), who seems to be […]

If we keep handing money to these people, how will they ever learn the value of hard work?

The haven’t put a link to the AZ House special session today on the lege website yet (I’ll have a fuller post about it when it is) but I watched it live and heard some insightful things from several of the GOP Reps. One of the major themes of their floor speeches was that it […]

As long as the unemployed are going to have conditions put on them

The AZ lege has until Tuesday to extend 20 weeks of federal unemployment benefits to jobless people out of work for 79 weeks. The Republicans are balking at this because Freedom Fairy Unicorn Economics dictates that not starving people makes them unwilling to take the thousands of jobs not actually being offered by philanthropic employers. […]

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