The executive branch in Arizona understands things about unemployment that the legislative branch doesn’t

Cartoonist Ted Rall captures the current hiring environment: From Governor Brewer’s Republic op-ed today: Believe me, extending unemployment assistance isn’t something I want to do. In fact, the idea of anyone being on unemployment aid for nearly two full years is contrary to everything I believe as a conservative. But we have to acknowledge there […]

Weiner neither picked my pocket nor broke my leg

Nor has he, to my knowledge, ever tried to legislate my private life. Anthony Weiner is pro-choice, pro-LGBT equality, and doesn’t blather endlessly about family values. He doesn’t piously prescribe abstinence and early marriage as the only acceptable life script for young people. As far as we know, he didn’t behave in an aggressive or […]

You think you know your neighbors.

Gilbert, Arizona. Home to thousands of homogeneous beige McMansions. And the Cosmo Dog Park, which has been recognized by Dog Fancy as a top destination for pooches to frolic. Twice. And it’s been recognized by the Audobon Society as an “important bird area” for it’s Riparian Water Preserve at Water Ranch. Nice. It’s also home […]

The city isn’t paying you to campaign, Sal.

Like pretty much everyone else in the known universe I’m on Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s email list. So on a daily basis I am reminded that Phoenix city employees are dastardly welfare leeches. They slurp up six figure salaries while cavorting on European style long vacations, on your dime. The thinking behind this is […]

Yeah, it’s really about ‘life’

Hi kids, I’ve been on a semi-vacation so wasn’t blogging all week. I guess I picked a bad time to go on hiatus as there has been a lot to talk about lately: The debt ceiling and Medicare. Sarah Palin buying a house in Scottdale from where she’ll conduct her pretend-to-run-for-President campaign and the ensuing […]

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