The Deadbeat Dad Party

Deadbeat dad vs. Republican He decided he no longer needed to fulfill his obligation – Soon as he found you less attractive and the kids too demanding, he was gone. (Tax cuts) He hid his income – Worked under the table. Hid his assets. (Loopholes, moved profits offshore) Went on to greener pastures – New […]

Meet Dr. Wayne Grudem

He’s the Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary. Which happens to be the new digs of the Center for Arizona Policy. Dr. Grudem is the author of several papers and books on Christianity and government. Unsurprisingly, he’s good buds with CAP President Cathi Herrod. Recently, Dr. Grudem had evangelist James Robison […]

Russell Pearce has always been who the NFIB thought he was.

I begin with another installment of What Tedski Said: So, let’s reiterate: if we get rid of that Clean Elections system, we’ll have fewer extremists (who, of course, are on both sides) in the legislature. This is true on the Republican side because responsible business leaders will weigh in and become a moderate, pragmatic force […]

A concise and useful analysis of ALEC’s influence in Arizona

From AFSCME Local 3111 President Sheri Van Horsen: I have compared recent legislation and the agenda pushed by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) – when and where I can get it published in the newspapers, who can say. I will certainly try to get the information out there, as all Arizonans need to know just […]

Well at least he wasn’t black, liberal, and criticizing U.S. military and economic policies.

Remember how shocked and upset people were over Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s fiery sermons wherein he claimed God was “damning” America for some of our less-than-exemplary actions in the world? I found the furor incredibly annoying and hypocritical as I’ve been hearing conservative preachers denounce America for our sinfulness for years. These preachers not only blame […]

There’s a new political party in AZ. It looks real familiar.

It’s called Americans Elect and they turned in enough signatures to appear on the ballot for the Presidential election. The Republic piece doesn’t go into much description. The Americans Elect Party, according to its website, supports an open presidential nominating system in which voters would be able to choose the party’s candidate at an online […]

Birth Control Blog Day!

The National Women’s Law Center is asking bloggers to post about the awesomeness of birth control and preventive screenings for women on July 21. I’m happy to oblige, of course, and this comes on the heels of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that the US mandate birth control coverage as preventative medicine, and therefore free […]

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