Notary publics are in the nicest neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona announced that it is ending abortion services at seven of its thirteen sites in the state. That’s a big deal, and a big problem for women seeking abortions who live outside of Phoenix and Tucson. Especially low income women in non-urban communities in Arizona. Much as I want to focus on […]

Scott Bungaard walks off, practically scot-free.

The wheel of justice turned in the favor of an oppressed minority, a wealthy white man, for once. Bundgaard faced up to 10 months in jail and $3,250 in fines if convicted of the aforementioned charges. However, thanks to the plea deal, the charges were dismissed, and Bundgaard will avoid any jail time if he […]

New blog takes on ALEC in Arizona! ALEC itself is a tool for hundreds of corporations to use for the sole purpose of obtaining access to thousands of legislators and then exploiting that access to pass profit-making legislation. ALEC works like a think tank, devising legislation that benefits the corporate elite at the cost of the masses and then putting that […]

GOP slogan for ’12: “Women, know your place!”

Obey Respect your husbands! “He is her godly husband,” said Peter Bachmann, Dr. Bachmann’s oldest brother, who lives on the family dairy farm across the eastern border in Wisconsin. “The husband is to be the head of the wife, according to God.” It is a philosophy that Michele Bachmann echoed to congregants of the the […]

ALEC is like a Lobbyist Godzilla on steroids. But they don’t have to register as lobbyists in AZ.

It’s hard to believe that a cabal made up of powerful business interests, where “legislative” is right in their title, would try to act like they don’t influence laws, but that’s what the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) does: Pretend they’re an innocent little educational organization, while pushing custom-written model legislation on Republican lawmakers, who […]

Why doesn’t Constantin Querard consider battering women to be an impediment to a “Friend of the Family” award?

A Dem legislator who is a Facebook friend posted that something called the AZ Family Project announced their Friend of the Family Awards for 2011. Congratulations to all the winners, who are mostly the GOP Senate and House delegation of the Arizona Legislature. I have helpfully underlined a couple of them in red. What is […]

The most astonishing observation about last night’s Wisconsin recall elections.

Erm, the “grassroots” of those Republicans under recall in WI got infused with a $40 million injection of corporate money. And they still lost two seats. Jennifer Wright might want to lay off the Tea for a while.

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