I’m not saying there aren’t liberal men who think like this

But generally my experience is that your typical belligerent misogynist loser who blames women instead of his own unattractiveness and poor hygiene for his inability to get laid, thinks men are human but women are some kind of sex providing appliance or public utility, and is a racist and rape apologist on top of it, […]

Amiable wingnuts are dangerous too

In a post the other day I talked about how things crucial to a civil dialog, like honesty, have gotten sacrificed on the altar of “civility”. Another big problem with focusing on civility as a value in itself and elevating its importance over more substantial considerations is that it leads to confusing behavior with positions […]

Jeff Flake is so “moderate” he’s to the right of Michele Bachmann

Mark alerted me to this Heritage Foundation Congressional record card put out back in August. It being the Heritage Foundation, Congresscritters were ranked on how big a corporate stooge and hater of poor people they are. Here are the top scorers: Michele Bachmann garnered a mere 94%. Michele Bachmann. Yet another gentle reminder to my […]

Cathi Herrod marshals her CAP troops to attack birth control

Amanda Marcotte has a great piece over at RH Reality Check about how civility is impossible in the debate over reproductive rights (or any issue) when one side is allowed to lie with impunity. Really, read the whole thing but I applauded at this: A civil political discourse, for instance, would not have room for […]

Goldwater Institute releases “months-long investigation” on unions – Just in time to help Wes Gullett and push ALEC garbage

Councilman Sal DiCiccio has been hyperventilating into my email inbox the past few days about, guess what? You guessed it: OMG UNION BOSSES TAKING OVER THE CITY!!1! Here’s today’s missive, brought to me by Sal via the AZ GOP, which is totally not colluding with the nonpartisan Goldwater Institute to promote a partisan agenda: Exposed: […]

Apropos for what happened at 11:08pm EDT

RIP Troy Davis.

On being a “cool straight chick” in the Navy.

I was a Navy sailor from 1987 to 1997. Which means I joined when the so-called crime of sodomy was an offense against the Uniform Code of Military Justice and grounds for discharge without honor. Shortly after Bill Clinton was elected (whom I gladly cast a vote for because he promised to end the ban […]

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