NYT op-ed writer gets some false equivalency help from a Goldwater Institute hack.

Joe Nocera, business reporter turned editorial writer for the New York Times wrote the dumbest piece of kissing-Republican-ass tripe based on an arbitrary and flimsy premise that I’ve seen in the longest time ever. He claims that Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for current Republican obstructionism and intransigence because, get this, they […]

Voter suppression is a women’s issue too.

I don’t want to be a single-issue blogger but there are times when I think I should just confine my posting to reminding the ladies (and the dudes who care about the ladies) about the numerous and relentless ways that conservatives wish to impose theocratic misery upon us ladies. And Rick Santorum is one sick, […]

Some footage from Occupy Phoenix

Mark and I were there from about 10am to 2 on Saturday and he filmed it a bit. That’s me at the beginning remarking about wearing cammies in the heat. As we were leaving I glanced over and saw a group of people in military garb. I didn’t get to scrutinize them much but I […]

Yeah, Bob Robb, everyone HATES cops and firefighters.

Greg Stanton is ahead by 20 points in every poll of the Phoenix race but he’s going to lose, says Republic columnist Bob Robb because outgoing Mayor Phil Gordon endorsed him and so have police and firefighters! One of the questions surrounding this year’s mayoral election is the extent to which the electorate is worried […]

This week in Center for Arizona Policy: Who would Jesus card check?

My google alert for CAP popped up and one of the links was to CAP President Cathi Herrod’s weekly digest “5 Minutes for Families – Exclusive Insight for Arizona Families”. In this week’s installment Cathi discussed: How everyone should continue a Down’s Syndrome pregnancy because it seems to be working out for the families choosing […]

AZ’s GOP Congressmen have no use for useless incubators

Congress passed the shameful “Let Women Die” bill on a nearly party-line vote today. It earned that moniker because, if enacted into law, it would allow hospitals to deny women lifesaving abortions while still receiving federal dollars. Flake, Franks, Gosar, Quayle, and Schweikert voted yes. I guess it will create some jobs, since dead women […]

9-9-9 = Fail-Fail-Fail

So the latest shiny bauble (who is not Mitt Romney) in the GOP Presidential candidate line-up is Hermann Cain. Cain is coming to Arizona (or is in Arizona or has already been to Arizona, I’m not interested enough to look it up) for a fundraiser for the AZ GOP. Cain’s main schtick is his “9-9-9” […]

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