Happy New Year and a last minute pitch for my favorite organization

Yowie! It’s been over a week since I last posted due to holiday stuff and end of the year wrapping up of work stuff. It certainly wasn’t because there haven’t been blog-worthy things happening, since any day ending in Y is a day where conservatives are trying like hell to keep the ladies down. But […]

Where compromise on choice has gotten us.

I hadn’t gotten around to blogging about the recent Plan B decision because I wanted to devote the time to tie it to the larger context. I was going to post today and then I saw that Scott Lemieux drew the big picture very well in his post for The American Prospect yesterday: “Modest” restrictions […]

No, Dr. Schlomach, that word does not mean what you think it does.

So the Arizona redistricting maps are (tentatively) approved and Politico picked up the story: Colleen Mathis finally got her revenge. Two months ago, Arizona Republicans – led by Gov. Jan Brewer – impeached Mathis in protest of a Democratic-friendly remap the independent redistricting commission she presides over proposed. On Tuesday evening, after the Arizona Supreme […]

It’s hard out there for a cool rich kid, looking for a minority to blame.

NYT editorialist Joe Nocera, tried to explain, yet again, how Fannie and Freddie were not, in fact, the “epicenter of the financial meltdown”, as Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann claimed at the most recent GOP debate. Yet these real sins have been largely overlooked in favor of imagined ones. Over at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, […]

They are Fast and Furious with the red herring. And that’s too bad.

I get regular email updates from several GOP politicians in Arizona, including my own Representative Ben Quayle. Earlier this afternoon I received a mass email from him demanding US Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation for “the Fast and Furious debacle”. After questioning the attorney general and listening to his responses during the December 8 Judiciary […]

Does “Lower Class” Culture Perpetuate Poverty? (redux)

So we all know that GOP primary frontrunner Newt Gingrich has been spouting off about how child labor laws should be abolished and how “really poor” (read: black) elementary kids would make nifty janitors. Really poor children, in really poor neighborhoods, have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works, so they […]

ALEC controls the Arizona Corporation Commission too. Wants to gut solar energy.

Feelin’ too lazy to update the blog with a proper post but I did want to alert y’all to this report about ALEC and AZ’s renewable energy standard on CleanTechnica by blogger Susan Kraemer. Tuesday morning could be key in deciding Arizona solar policy for years to come. Because of the way public utilities oversight […]

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