Republican welfare recipients and their hypocrisy

Governor Jan Brewer was under federal investigation in 2010 for possibly improperly receiving Social Security disability benefits for her son Ronald, who was found to be not guilty by reason of insanity for raping a woman at knifepoint in 1989. Ronald wasn’t supposed to be getting SSDI after 1995 but investigators suspected Governor Brewer might […]

Your kids are the new frontiers in corporate profit

Per karoli at Crooks and Liars: While union-busting is certainly one goal of the privatization monsters, profit is the primary goal. Education for profit is lucrative and alluring, especially to people with large sums of money parked and waiting for investment in big-profit items. So when Bill Gates claims to stand for education reform in […]

Wake up, Kathleen. Republicans are the problem.

Arizona Republic columnist Kathleen Ingley’s Sunday op-ed “Wake up, Arizona (We’ve got problems)” correctly identified many of the problems plaguing our state – crazy reputation due to crazy behavior and rhetoric by prominent Arizona figures, idiotic fiscal and economic policies, and the intentional gutting of education from pre-school to university level. I had Kathleen’s back […]

But when they do let their guard down…

My Google Alert for Center for Arizona Policy popped up last night and it was Cathi Herrod’s weekly “5 Minutes for Families”. The latest installment is about the importance of stalwartness in protecting traditional marriage from the liberal gay plague: Never Let Our Guard Down. While the marriage amendment victory was a critical step to […]

There’s no more excuse for MSM denialism on ALEC

My dear friend Diane D’Angelo, who by the way is an outstanding correspondent on Arizona for Huffington Post, wrote on Facebook yesterday that a Capitol Times reporter asked her if she really thought ALEC wrote laws for GOP legislators in Arizona. I’m now looking for someone to suture my tongue together, quoth Diane about that. […]

So who sponsors this guy’s show in Arizona? Why did they hire him?

Phoenix New Times writer Amy Silverman has a poignant post up at her own blog Girl in a Party Hat about Jason Rose’s tweet. Amy’s the mom of a special needs daughter and she had the same question I did yesterday about the wisdom of Arizona Special Olympics hiring the likes of Rose to do […]

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