Pandering on immigration: It’s Okay If You Are Republican!

Per yesterdays AZ Republic editorial: Which brings us to former Democratic Sen. Dennis DeConcini’s testimony. Who, exactly, authorized DeConcini to “apologize” before Congress for his state’s behavior? A member of the Senate for 18 years, the Tucson native had a great opportunity, a national stage, to instruct Schumer and Congress on the consequences of their […]

Theocracy, it’s the new libertarianism!

Center of Arizona Policy director Cathi Herrod’s Sunday op-ed is a pitch to libertarians to support discrimination against gays because, freedom! “Support of tried-and-true tradition of man-woman nuptials will grow.” Maintaining one-man, one-woman marriage fits perfectly into libertarian philosophy: 1. Marriage benefits the entire community and lowers dependence on government programs. 2. Only the government […]

They’re telling you exactly who they are and what they want but some of you still don’t want to believe it

HB2625, the anti-contraception bill, passed the AZ House yesterday on a mostly party line vote with the recommendation to adopt Senate amendments that would limit the scope of employer exemptions to the mandate to cover birth control in health plans. If those amendments are adopted (we’ll see) then only employers with a religious mission or […]

What Would Jesus Whine About?

“For to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake.” Philippians 1:29 Many conservatives have a remarkable knack for managing to be insufferably whiny even when they’re gloating over victories. Cathi Herrod of Center for Arizona Policy is a perfect example […]

Whereas we were totally okay with wild intemperance in all these other offices

***I was working on this post before I saw the news that Andy Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon got disbarred. Huzzah! As you were…*** So, Greg Patterson, AKA well-known blogger Espresso Pundit, has been nominated for a spot on the Arizona Board of Regents. This has, understandably, caused garment rending and teeth gnashing in many quarters […]

My, someone’s got his whinypants on today

Today’s AZ Republic editorial, clearly written by a very butthurt Doug MacEachern, was a whinefest over how The Daily Show interviewed a dumb wingnut and he came off like, well, a dumb wingnut: A less articulate critic of the program would be impossible to find. The segment was a cringe-inducing humiliation of the tongue-tied man. […]

Does it have to be four male witnesses?

Okay, so, Rep. Daniel Patterson has been accused of domestic violence by two women, ex-wife Jeneiene Schaffer and ex-girlfriend and campaign manager Georgette Escobar. But a House Ethics investigation revealed that Patterson has been known to exhibit a pattern of menacing behavior toward persons who are not women with whom he has been intimate. You […]

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