Government run on greed is not good.

My dear friends Manny Cruz and Valerie Revering are featured in a compelling New Times article by Amy Silverman. It’s about their 5 year old daughter Jessica, known to everyone as Rocky, and their ordeal trying to get her the extensive and comprehensive care she needs. And so when Rocky’s mom, Valerie Revering, told Sue […]

Al Melvin’s bigoted tweet shows, once again, that the problem is on one side. And it’s not just the politicians.

Arizona State Senator Al Melvin posted that this afternoon. (Cynthia, who tweeted “Amen!” in approval to Melvin basically declaring America a conservative Christian-only zone, describes herself as “Christian,Mother,Native Texan,Student,Abstinence Advocate(4 all ages) Pro-Israel-No Profanity Zone” on her profile.) Someone on Facebook joked wryly that today was a “Chamber of Commerce day” for Arizona, in light […]

Poor Bob Robb is reduced to defending the Tea Party to carry Mitt’s water

Per his Wednesday Republic column where he takes issue with scholars Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, who have a new book out blaming (duh) the Republicans for all the problems in the country now: According to them, the Republican Party has become “an insurgent outlier in American politics.” It is “ideologically extreme” and “far from […]

Brewer is lying and lame in her defense of HB2625

Yep, Governor Jan Brewer is a lying liar. From her office’s press release on signing HB2625, aka the “Tell Your Boss Why You’re Taking The Slut Pills” bill into law Friday: “Let’s not forget why we’re having this discussion: It’s ObamaCare that created this issue by forcing church-affiliated employers and non-profits to offer services in […]

The Nazi sympathizing weirdos behind the Phoenix school having the vapors over the girl baseball player

Our Lady of Sorrows is a Phoenix school that has gotten into the news recently for refusing to play baseball against a team with a female player. The story has gone viral and Twitter is clucking over us zany Arizonans yet again. A few tweets that caught my attention were about the schismatic Catholic organization […]

The kids are always watching and learning

Two weeks ago a 13 year old Minnesota girl committed suicide by hanging herself. Rachel Ehmke’s parents say she had suffered months of abuse at school: The constant name-calling started sometime in the fall, Ehmke said. “She’d say you’d walk by girls in school and they’d holler out things like “slut.” Stuff like this. It […]

It’s not just that one book they don’t like. They want to burn the library down too.

Per EJ Montini today: According to Brewer, “This is a common-sense law that tightens existing state regulations and closes loopholes in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortions, whether directly or indirectly.” Indirectly? It’s like when townsfolk get out the pitchforks and torches and try to shut down the local […]

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