Supreme Court decision has imperiled health care for poor people in Arizona

The Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, AKA “Obamacare”, upheld the mandate, which was considered the linchpin of requiring insurance companies to expand coverage to millions of Americans and creating exchanges to accomplish that. But the other, less noticed but equally significant, part of the decision allows states to opt out of the […]

Mandate Schmandate. Look at the rest of Obamacare.

I’m a “free rider” in the American health care system, apparently. With the exception of a brief period in 2009, I have lacked health insurance for the past six years. I have preexisting conditions, and even if I didn’t the coverage that is available to a 43 year old woman on the individual market right […]

A humble suggestion for the next anti-SB1070 demonstration

If anyone who is anyone who organizes these things is paying attention: As I’ve belabored on this here blog innumerable times, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry went “neutral” on SB1070 in the early months of 2010, once language that would have made it easier to go after illegal employers was stripped from the […]

Most important takeaway from the Politico Ron Barber story

There are times when I can barely eke out two posts in a week and then there are days like today where I do more than one. Politico broke a story today about last week’s CD 8 special election that is noteworthy not only from a pure gossip angle but also for its electoral implications […]

Laurie Roberts plays the “both sides” card on Sunday Square Off

Honestly, I really did want to give Laurie Roberts the benefit of the doubt on her “De-Kook the Legislature” project until I watched her on Square Off. The late WaPo columnist David Broder was so famous for pushing the “both sides are extreme” false equivalence that the blogger Atrios coined the phrase “High Broderism” to […]

Live by the fainting couch, die by the fainting couch, Shane

So people keep alerting me this item about Shane Wikfors, communications director of the AZ Republican Party, who has come under fire for describing criticism of the party by a couple of women as a “bitch session”. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Poor choice of words for someone at […]

Don’t be so quick to take credit for that, Governor

Governor Brewer crowed on Twitter today: CNN features AZ as nation’s #1 spot for biz startups and entrepreneurs! The Arizona Comeback continues! Which we are no doubt supposed to attribute to her administration’s and the Legislature’s masterful handling of our state’s economy. To be sure, the CNN Money piece does rely heavily on ye olde […]

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