Moderates? I don’t think so.

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of post-primary posts. I’ve been suffering a wicked cold since this past weekend and have mostly been bedridden. Except when I briefly and miraculously recovered for a TV appearance on Channel 12 Tuesday evening to argue with Shawna Bolick about Romney’s chances with women prior to Ann Romney’s speech. […]

Did the GOP Corp Comm candidates violate Clean Elections rules?

From yesterday’s Bob Robb column: I got a curious mailer last week from the Republican candidates for Corporation Commission: Bob Burns, Bob Stump and Susan Bitter Smith. The timing was curious, for one thing. The three are unopposed in the Republican primary. Campaign cash is scarce for commission races. So, why waste the money now […]

Well today was sure a banner day in racism, huh?

Mitt Romney coming out as a Birther today at a rally in Michigan drew some deservedly sharp rebukes on the internets. Of course, it also drew out the kind of petulant defensiveness I’ve grown to expect from my Republican associates. Here’s a sampling of tweets I got: empowering stupidity by engaging with stupidity not only […]

The crackpot beliefs abound

So there was this LTTE in support of Rep. Akin’s comments in the Republic this morning: Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s recent statement regarding rape and possible resulting pregnancy was ill-treated by those who don’t have a clue in regard to the female body responding to trauma. Clinically speaking, he is correct. Medical studies have shown […]

They’re all akin to Akin

A lot of people are understandably shocked by MO Rep. Todd Akin’s claim that “legitimate” rape victims rarely get pregnant due to our special babymaking lady secretions shutting down when it’s a true rape, unlike those strumpets who fake being raped in order to get abortion coverage. Those of us who have engaged with anti-choicers […]

If you don’t want to be called a hater, don’t hate people.

So I got my “5 Minutes for Families” email from Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) this morning. For some reason, it’s not linked on their site yet but here’s what Cathi Herrod had to say about the recent shooting at the Family Research Council office in Washington, DC: Thanks to a heroic security guard, our […]

In defense of partisan hacks

Republic columnist Laurie Roberts took some time off from her “De-kook the Capitol” project (in which somehow our Republican controlled legislature will become less extreme by, erm, electing more Republicans) to hawk the Open Primaries initiative. The top-two primary initiative would usher in a new system of nominating congressional, state, county and local officials. Instead […]

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