One of those Democratic “rock throwers”

“Instead what they usually do is throw rocks.” – Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson on Democrats in the AZ State Legislature. Bill Moyer’s excellent investigative report on ALEC is available online so don’t miss it, since it features our very own Senator Steve Farley prominently. Arizona gets a fair amount of attention in the report […]

Open Primaries spokesman Paul Johnson serves up the false equivalence with a side dish of smug

On a mutual Facebook friend’s page I asked former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson a question I’ve asked several supporters of the Open Primaries, aka Top Two. It’s a question that typically provokes one of two responses: the person gets snippy or they just ignore it. I give credit to Johnson for taking a stab at […]

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul runs a political consulting firm here in AZ called Lincoln Strategies, where he makes a pile of money advising Republican candidates. Sproul is known for dirty tricks and he garnered national attention back in 2004 when he ran this thing called Voter Outreach of America. Except he possibly didn’t want to reach out […]

GOP Corp Comm candidates got off easy on their violation

Mary Jo Pitzl of the AZ Republic tweeted that the Clean Elections Commission voted 3-0 to levy a $29K fine on Republican Corporation Commission candidates Susan Bitter Smith, Bob Stump, and Bob Burns for their blatant violation of proper use of primary funds. The trio had spent far more than that on a mailer sent […]

If you’re going to insist they’re “moderate” it would be nice if they were, you know, moderate

Back in 2011 when Mesa businessman Jerry Lewis was recruited to run against then Senate President Russell Pearce in the recall race for then LD18, he was generally described as a “conservative Republican” but nicer and not virulently anti-immigrant. Democrats were discouraged from running in the recall and the Democrat who did file was exposed […]

They “chose life” so what’s the problem?

The AZ Republic reports the shocking news that 53% of births are covered by Medicaid. The share of births paid for by Medicaid has been rising steadily since 1990. That growth hit a significant milestone in 2003 as it passed 50 percent, meaning that state-funded births outnumbered for the first time the number paid for […]

Intellectual Conservative tut tuts over bad language

Shorter Intellectual Conservative: Every time you drop an F bomb a welfare queen is born! I’ve written on this blog about how right wingers like to preen about how virtuous they are because they don’t swear (at least not in front of the servants). Proving my point, “Intellectual Conservative” blogger Rachel Alexander devotes several paragraphs […]

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