Jeff Flake’s campaign is basically calling the election for Obama

Why else would they create a Twitter account accusing Dr. Richard Carmona of being a “rubberstamp” for President Obama? Either someone forgot to tell them this isn’t a mid-term but a Presidential year or they simply aren’t very confident in Mitt Romney’s chances. Speaking of which, is Flake going to distance himself from Romney’s 47% […]

Jeff Flake is not a nice person

Jeff Flake may win in November, largely on the strength of being perceived as moderate by many people outside of Arizona’s conservative political circles. Flake is frequently reviled among righties as a RINO, yet he received the overwhelming majority of votes in the GOP primary against Wil Cardon. That was because Republican primary voters know […]

Jeff Flake has gotten a free pass on his radical wingnuttery for years and it’s at least partly liberals’ fault

Senate candidates Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona are running neck and neck in the latest poll, which is good news considering Flake was considered a shoo in only a few months ago. But honestly, Flake should be way behind Carmona, and part of the reason he isn’t is staring us in the mirror. Flake still […]

Penzone Money Bomb

Hi kids, Paul Penzone needs our help to get elected Maricopa County Sheriff in November. A recent poll shows him a mere 5 points down from incumbent Joe Arpaio. “Paul is our best chance yet to end Arpaio’s failed 20-year reign as Sheriff. Paul served our community for 21 years as a decorated lawman, including […]

GOP Corp Comm candidates admit they were targeting independents

Aha! I knew it! The AZ Republic has picked up the story I blogged about right before the primary election. The AZ Dem party has filed a complaint with the Clean Elections Commission charging the Republican candidates for Corporation Commission with improperly using public funds designated for the primary election to influence general election votes. […]

Why, as a matter of fact I AM an atheist!

So the National Republican Congressional Committee tweeted this yesterday: Not that I would put it past the mensches of the NRCC to tweet the same thing had a Muslim organization endorsed a Democratic candidate, but if they did it would be recognized for what it was: The implicit suggestion that there’s something wrong with being […]

Idiot judges illustrate the problem with “rape exceptions”

Coconino County Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Hatch became a viral internet sensation the other day when the news got out that she told the victim of a drunk groper that she shared part of the blame for the attack perpetrated against her. And apparently the judge thinks bars and pretty much all other public spaces […]

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