Adam Driggs: Another non-moderate “moderate” Republican

I blog and comment about the LD26 race in Tempe and the LD18 race in Ahwatukee/Chandler so often that one could be forgiven for thinking I still live on that side of town. The truth is I moved to North Central Phoenix nearly 3 years ago. Pre-redistricting, I was represented by Adam Driggs (R) in […]

The pitfalls of thinking that “moderate” Republicans will save us

In his blog yesterday, AZ Republic columnist Bob Robb noted that Sen. Jerry Lewis, who is running as a moderate Republican in the newly redistricted LD26 (Tempe/Mesa) switched his no vote to a yes on the bill that put Prop 120 on the ballot. Referred to the ballot by the Legislature, Prop. 120 tries to […]

Reality vs Fantasy Land in Presidential endorsements

Several newspapers across the country, including our own Arizona Republic, have weighed in on the contest between President Obama and former MA Governor Mitt Romney. What is striking about them to me is how detailed and evidence-based the endorsements of Obama are in their criticism of Romney compared to how empty and wishful the ones […]

Pro-choice IS the moderate position

mod·er·ate (mdr-t) adj. 1. Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme: a moderate price. 2. Not violent or subject to extremes; mild or calm; temperate: a moderate climate. 3. a. Of medium or average quantity or extent. b. Of limited or average quality; mediocre. 4. Opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially […]

The Republic’s unutterably stupid Romney endorsement

Oh hi, AZ Republic ed board, here’s a chart for you: Too bad you guys didn’t peruse the actual numbers before you barfed up your predictable endorsement of Mitt Romney. Look, if you’re going to make twaddling over the deficit and debt the centerpiece of your Presidential recommendation it would make sense to consider how […]

“Moderate” Jonathan Paton will let ladies have life-saving abortions. Maybe.

So the Arizona Republic describes Jonathan Paton is an even-tempered “establishment” Republican. Which you are supposed to interpret as “moderate”. Oh really? Here’s Paton’s Center for Arizona Policy questionnaire for 2012. In question 2, Paton indicates that he will generously allow an abortion in cases where the woman’s life is in danger. But wait! In […]

Boy, are the Open Primaries people testy!

cont. My my, not exactly the kind on sunshine-y disposition one would expect from a proposition that advertises itself with flowers blooming and promising an end to bickering. Someone should tell Paul Johnson et al, that “civility” doesn’t equal “everyone has to agree with me and no one can ask questions”. Arizona Open Government, the […]

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