So tired of this

Last night’s Presidential debate was surprisingly good considering all the questions came from “undecided” voters. That was likely due to some of the voters not seeming to be undecided at all. Mitt Romney, naturally, said a few things at the debate last night that a lot of women took issue with. He couldn’t help himself. […]

To no one’s surprise, the Republic endorses Jeff Flake

Oh brother. Impending “fiscal cliffs.” Unprecedented national debt. Trillion-dollar annual deficits. These are the great issues of our day, like it or not. We cannot wish them away. About their resolution, the nation has two choices: We can do nothing (or too little) and let the consequences roll over us as they are now in […]

Arizona ballot proposition recommendations

Heidi ho, Divas! I know everyone is doing them but a couple people have asked me how I plan to vote on the propositions this year because they value my opinion. Aww, thanks (blushes). Here we go: Prop 114: Amends the state constitution to deny felons the ability to recover damages from their crime victims. […]

War on women? What war on women?

Okay, so I watched both the livestreamed AZ Republic editorial board interview of Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake and the Horizon forum featuring the Senatorial candidates on Channel 8. Apparently, there’s some rule that a preponderance of every debate in a federal race has to be devoted to twaddling over the deficit and government spending. […]

Theater criticism and pearl clutching in the Republic’s CD1 endorsement

Oh my stars and garters! Kirkpatrick has always seemed the even-tempered embodiment of rural Arizona, someone who lived the life and talked the talk. So, it was jarring to see her unbounded contempt for opponent Jonathan Paton. She accused him of dissembling and pandering, attacks that executed with finesse would have been acceptable in a […]

The ever-ephemeral definition of “moderate” in Arizona

Sigh. Yet abortion and contraception issues dominated the public debate last legislative session, leaving plenty of voters scratching their heads and wringing their hands. Indeed, we need more moderate representation at the state Capitol, lawmakers who are more in tune with the needs and priorities of the people they represent. In District 18, that means […]

Jeff Flake’s lame and insecure attacks on Richard Carmona

Senate candidate Jeff Flake, who went on a survivalist vacation in 2009 to demonstrate to everyone what a manly man he is (with survival-ly beefcake photos he took of himself to prove it), seems to have a serious case of bio envy of his opponent, Dr. Richard Carmona. Carmona has a c.v. that includes combat […]

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