Relax. It’s going to be okay.

So Governor Brewer joined several other GOP governors to opt Arizona out of creating a state-run health insurance exchange and allow the federal government to set one up here instead. Brewer’s office insists their hands were tied because Obamacare did not give the state enough “flexibility” to blah blah blah whatever… The Republic‘s Linda Valdez […]

Sorry, I don’t trust women’s lives to be protected under “pro-life” policies

I read Life Site News so you don’t have to but if you’re ever feeling masochistic enough, the site does provide a fascinating (and disturbing) glimpse into the zeitgeist of the anti-abortion/contraception movement. When the news broke that Savita Halappanavar, a young woman of Indian descent living in Ireland with her husband, died after being […]

Lazy moochers

Because someone close to me has taken a job at the Amazon plant in West Phoenix, I re-read this Mother Jones piece from last March by journalist Mac McClelland, who briefly took a job at a big shipping warehouse she calls “Amalgamated” and described some truly hellish and demeaning working conditions. It’s hard to decide […]

I trust the Obama administration more than I trust Arizona with the new health care exchanges.

The Goldwater Institute is urging Arizona and other states that haven’t decided whether to set up state-run private health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act to opt out of it and let the feds set them up. Their reasoning for that seems to be based on their dogmatic belief that government-run enterprises are doomed […]

Black Friday

Things I tend to dislike include shopping, crowds, long lines, and the chance (however slight) of being trampled to death, so I’ve never done the Black Friday thing. It is a highly popular annual ritual, though. Over the years the enthusiasm of Black Friday shoppers has gotten to the point where some line up in […]

Why we can’t have nice things in Arizona

The American Legislative Exchange Council, that’s why. “As the debate over subsidies, handouts, and cronyism for renewable energy continues, so too will the debate surrounding state-based renewable energy mandates. Fundamentally, forcing state citizens to purchase a product they may not be able to afford nor value is not the proper role of government. Unfortunately, there […]

Go ahead and call her a socialist. Also, call her “Congresswoman” now.

Kyrsten Sinema is my new Congresswoman, having defeated her Republican opponent Vernon Parker by over 6000 votes in CD9, as of the latest count. Her decisive victory didn’t even require Parker saying something stupid about rape pregnancies! As y’all know, back during the primary I was a Nervous Nellie about Sinema and supported another candidate. […]

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