On blaming atheists for tragedies

Once again, prominent religious gasbags like James Dobson and Bryan Fischer (among others) are using a horrific mass murder, in this case the Newtown school shooting, to bash and marginalize non-theists. Former evangelist Frank Schaeffer called them out on it in a scathing piece that appeared in Alternet and Salon. All that was needed to […]

Mayor Scott Smith joins granny starving panel

Mayor Scott Smith of Mesa, whom I’m told is “moderate”, has gubernatorial aspirations. Which is why you’re seeing him more in the news these days than you’d expect to see the mayor of Mesa. And he’s very eager to have you see things like this: Mesa Mayor Scott Smith has joined the Campaign to Fix […]

Who are these people and why are we letting them starve our grandmas?

Matt Yglesias and Jamelle Bouie both have useful posts in helping to understand why conservatives want to dismantle Social Security so badly (why Dems may give in to their demands is whole ‘nother subject) and what is really at stake. Yglesias: The Economy consists of adding up all the economically valuable stuff that happens. All […]

You are not the boss of me, Bill Montgomery

Here’s Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s stunningly inept and condescending statement on the Connecticut massacre: “Gun control” will not end tragedies. At best, it would simply change the circumstances of tragedies. In THIS case, early indications are that the mental health of the killer, or lack thereof, is the determining factor. That should not be […]

“School choice” ignores how kids lack choice

Yesterday the AZ Capitol Times reported (sorry, it’s behind a paywall) that ASU professor David Garcia will be presenting a study on the efficacy of “school choice” schemes (charters and tuition tax credits) vs. fully funding the public schools currently attended by the majority of K-12 students. Dr. Garcia has concluded that: [S]chool choice doesn’t […]

Shame on you, Nicholas Kristoff

Sunday’s Kristoff New York Times op-ed was yet another iteration of blaming single mothers for everything wrong with society, but it was especially disheartening coming from him, as he is a liberal and a self-proclaimed feminist. Here’s how he starts his piece: THIS is what poverty sometimes looks like in America: parents here in Appalachian […]

It’s the ideological opposition to the social safety net, stupid.

In the last few days liberal pundits and bloggers have been reacting to what’s called a “trial balloon”, believed to be sent out by the White House. The rumor is that Democrats will exchange a raise in the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 (phased in at some indeterminate time) for an income tax […]

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